Friday, April 9, 2010

Target was Nice Tonight

Saw this deal on both Queen's blog and Price Prowler's blog - thanks ladies!

  • 3 Seventh Generation Spray Cleansers $2.99 each, used three $1 coupons or $2 off 2 coupon (don't bother trying to print more than two, it will print out a sheet that says you've reached your limit - what a waste of ink) and three $1 Target coupons (click on Coupons link at bottom of page, I just made several copies of the one that I printed) = $3.39 with tax
  • Will submit for $5 rebate = $1.61 profit

Repeated transaction to do the rebate in DBF's name. I'm going to try again tomorrow to do the rebate at my parents' address. I got a wonderful cashier tonight who had no problem with all my coupons. We'll see how my luck holds up tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the $2.99 is a regular price, so I'm not too worried about getting this done immediately.

One of the bottles leaked and is currently air drying in my kitchen sink. It has a weird dentist-office/mouthwash smell to it. I couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from until I set up the bottles for the picture.


Courtney said...

I love this rebate :)
They have the Wipes too! Which is what I got because I am swimming in spray cleaner, but getting low on wipes.

BTW: I *heart* your blog!

Sarah said...

Do the copies of the Target coupons work just fine? I know they are all the same when they print out, I just didnt know if copies would work.

I am looking forward to doing this - should work out pretty well.


Sarah said...

Also, they say one per transaction. Do they let you use more than one?

frugalsuz said...

Thanks! :) I should have bought those, I could use those more than sprays too. Maybe for my last rebate I'll get those, thanks for the tip!

Yup, they'll all scan just fine. That's what the coupon generator on HCW does, makes copies of the same coupon. They do say one per transaction, so its up to your cashier if you can use more than one. The nice thing about this deal is that you could buy the cleansers individually if you can't use more than one coupon. You'd just have to make three trips.

News Around The Blogs said...

Do you by chance have the rebate form? I tried to get it and I couldn't find it...

Deb said...

For some reason, every bottle of that cleaner I bought for the rebate has leaked all over my other stuff!
Thanks for posting about this deal...I would have missed it!

Shawn said...

Is the rebate no longer active? I cannot locate it.


Precious said...

WooHoo! What a deal!

frugalsuz said...

News - just emailed you.

Shawn - if you email me at, I'll send you a scanned copy.

That's so weird! I checked the bottle after I cleaned it off and I can't figure out where it even leaked from.

Precious - thanks!

Queen said...

suz--can you email me a copy too? i totally dropped the ball on this one and didn't print the rebate forms in advance :(

frugalsuz said...

Absolutely! Just shoot me an email at and I'll reply with the scanned copy.