Monday, April 19, 2010

Finishing Yesterday's Deal

CVS - finished off yesterday's deal on my card:
  • Olay Total Effects Moisturizer $18.99 and Olay Total Effects face wash $9.99, used FREE face wash coupon (WYB moisturizer, 3/28 SS) and $3 coupon (3/7 P&G) = $15.99 and got back $10 EB (WYB $24.99 worth of qualifying items)
  • 2 Nature's Bounty Zinc Vitamins $5.79 each, BOGO sale, used two $5 coupons = $4.21 profit
  • Total was $13.81

Now I have enough items to send away for the $20 Olay rebate (WYB $50 worth). I spent $14.35 total, got back $10 EB and will send away for the $20 rebate = $15.65 profit

CVS - DBF's card

  • 2 Olay Total Effects Moisturizers $18.99 each and 2 Olay Total Effects face washes $7.99 each, used two FREE face wash coupons (WYB moisturizer, 3/28 SS *Cashier took off $18.99 for one of the coupons! woot!) and two $3 coupons (3/7 P&G) = $20.98 and got back $10 EB (WYB $24.99 worth of qualifying items) = $10.98 OOP
  • 4 Nature's Bounty Zinc & Potassium Vitamins $5.79 and $4.99 each, BOGO sale, used four $5 coupons = $9.22 profit
  • Used $5 off $40 CRT, $0.50 EB, $4 EB and $4.50 EB, total was $1.22

I'll submit for a second $20 rebate at DBF's address. Since my cashier entered in a higher price for the coupon and I was able to find cheaper vitamins at this store, this transaction was a slightly higher profit for me = $16.76 profit

Rite Aid

  • U by Kotex Pads (14-18 ct), Pantiliners (50-60 ct) or Tampons (18 ct) $3.49, used $1 coupon (or 4/18 SS or April All You magazine) and will get back $3.49 SCR (#36) = $1 profit
  • Total was $2.49 - paid with gift card from previous rebate


Jenn Mc said...

How are you able to get overage on the Nature's Bounty? The register always prompts the cashier to adjust it down when I try. I only get overage with CRT's.

Shelly said...

Crud! Not only did I forget to use the $3 Q for the Olay, I also got BODYwash free and the rebate says facial items. Now I'm $10 short for the rebate. I'd like to do it twice, but don't have enough Qs.

Thrifty T said...

Do you think this would work? Purchase 2 moisturizers, 2, facial cleansers, and 2 body washes. Use 2-buy moisturizer get cleanser and 2-buy moisturizer get body wash.


frugalsuz said...

Jenn Mc,
Normally you won't get overage, but because they are on a BOGO sale, the register allows you to use two coupons even though one is free with the sale. No beeps!

Ugh, don't you hate when you do stuff like that? I feel your pain...

Thrifty T,
It might! I'd suggest using the coupons for the free face wash first, just in case they won't let you use the body wash ones in addition. That way, you've bought the items for the rebate.

Chitra said...

If you had the RA VV Q for the Kotex from last month, that could have been used for the U by Kotex too. It takes it with no beep, since it just says Kotex product.

Amiyrah said...

Just posted a 11.00 money maker scrubbing bubbles deal for ShopRite on my blog. I know how much you love money makers ;o)

frugalsuz said...

Ooh good catch! I always forget about the video values coupons.