Sunday, April 11, 2010

Its a Dog's Life

Let me tell you a story about a certain young puppy who likes to eat inappropriate things. Socks, napkins, dryer lint, it doesn't much matter. As long as it can fit into his mouth, in it goes. Last night, said puppy knocked off a prescription bottle from my mom's dresser, broke off the lid and downed 25 pills. My sister discovered him mid-overdose, rushed him to the emergency vet where they finally found something he wasn't thrilled to eat - a big old dose of charcoal. He spent the night at the vet, purging the drugs out of his system and emerged this morning a changed pup. Well, for all of five minutes or so. I'm sure he'll be back to eating dust bunnies by the end of the day. Notice the shaved spot on his leg from the IV? Sigh, this dog is quite the handful.
Shadow decided she should take young Riley out for a date at the doggie park and try and talk some sense into him. The intervention was going splendidly until this punk showed up.
Here comes trouble!
"Riley? Hey Riley! I wasn't done talking to you!"
"Yo Riley! Quit yelling at that dog and pay attention to me! I have some sage advice to share with you!"
"Oh whatever"
"You can lead a dog to kibble, but you cannot make him eat."
The park was hopping today. Don't you love the coloring on this bulldog?
Say hello to Mister Crazy Eyes! This little guy was all over everyone.
Give me back that filet of fish, give me that fish!
(snort) DBF, my sister's friend and I were cracking up as my sister battled with the punk dog to get back Riley's toy.
Riley doesn't mind sharing with other dogs. In fact, he's quite generous with one thing in particular.
You guessed it - drool. I wish he wasn't. Really. I don't much like wearing spit-soaked jeans.
Happy spring everyone! Hope you're enjoying the gorgeous weather as much as the dogs did.


heather said...

I'm soooo glad you sister's pup was ok! Stories like that scare me because my dog used to love to chew.

Tracey C. said...

Sheesh Suz, glad he's ok, that could have ended badly! He is blessed!

Shelly said...

DBF's dog enjoys the taste of $20 remote controls! I think she's demolished at least 2. Glad Riley was caught in time and that he's okay!!!

Erin said...

Hi FrugalSuz, I love reading your blog for the grocery deals, but these adorable dog pictures totally made my Monday! Too cute!!

frugalsuz said...

Me too! I was pretty scared for him when my sister told me what happened.

lol what a random thing to chew on!

Thanks Tracey and Erin!

Amanda said...

Glad to hear everything turned out okay. Dogs eat the craziest things!

frugalsuz said...

We're all glad he turned out ok too.