Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Bayer Deal - Think of the Possibilities!

Sorry about the pic. I'm trying to learn how to better use the settings on my camera and this picture most definitely looked clearer on the view finder than it does now. Did most of this shopping Saturday:

  • 2 bags Tostitos $3.99 each, used two $1 peelie coupons = $5.98, will submit for $5 Heineken rebate (WYB $5.01 worth of snacks)
  • 2 Walgreens reusable bags $0.33 each with in-circular coupon
  • Used $2.50 RR and $3 RR, total was $1.20

CVS - had some last NB coupons to use up. This was done on my third card, which I just got about a month ago. In that time, I've received a $5 EB for doing a survey, a $5 off $40 coupon (although I got that on all my cards), a $4 off $20 coupon at the scanner and then a second $4 off $20 via email. I guess it does pay to retire your old cards!

  • 6 Nature's Bounty Vitamins - five were $4.99 each and sixth was $6.29, used six $5 coupons = $13.73 profit
  • Thermacare Neck to Arm Heatwrap (one ct) $2.49, got back $2.49 EB (Limit 2) = FREE
  • 2 Sunchips $3 each - is it just me, or are the compostable bags they use now so gosh darn'd loud? I'm embarassed to pick them up in the store because they make so much noise! I'll use these for a second Heineken $5 rebate at DBF's address
  • 2 Gold Emblem popcorns $0.84 each
  • Cat bed (forgot to put in pic) $5.99
  • Mentos Gum $1.79 (total was negative $1.20, so I picked this up as I was paying)
  • Used $4 off $20 coupon, total was $0.69

CVS again - one last run at the Olay rebate. I'm so appreciate of DBF and my parents letting me use their addresses for rebates. I do almost every rebate in triplicate - love it!

  • 2 Olay Total Effects Moisturizers $18.99 each and 2 Olay Total Effects face washes $9.99 each, used two FREE face wash coupons (WYB moisturizer, 3/28 SS) and two $3 coupons (3/7 P&G), got back $10 EB (WYB $24.99 worth of qualifying items) and will submit for the $20 Olay rebate (WYB $50 worth) = $1.98 OOP, but then, figuring in this overage:
  • 6 Nature's Bounty Vitamins - three were $4.99 and three was $5.79, used six $5 coupons = $13.43 profit
  • Used $5 off $40 coupon, $4.49 EB, $4.50 EB, total was $8.35, that makes my overall profit = $12.66
One last trip to CVS
  • 4 Nature's Bounty Vitamins $4.99 each, used four $5 coupons (fourth was adjusted down to $4.96) = $9.88 profit
  • 2 Doritos $3.99 each - will use for third Heineken rebate at DBF's address
  • CVS envelopes $2.99
  • Diet Coke - small bottle $1.69
  • Total was $3.01
Today at Walgreens - bought 20 free Bayer coupons on ebay for $73.99. Once I redeem them all, I'll have $200 in RR's, so $126 profit. I'm already thinking of how I can spend them. :)
  • Bayer Contour or Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Monitor $19.99, used FREE coupon (10/25/09 RP) and got back $10 RR = $10 profit - bought a second one separately


Stephanie said...

Very nice! I thought about buying some bayer coupons on ebay but there is only one wags around me and I'm sure with my luck they'd never have the meters in stock!

frugalsuz said...

That stinks! Fingers crossed for you that they'll open some more.

ThriftyPuppy said...

Dont' those Bayer Q's expire on the 30th? I hope you get them in time! Around here, if you don't get the deals on day 1, everything is cleared out.

frugalsuz said...

Yup, they do. I just updated the post with that info, thanks for the reminder. Yesterday and today, I used up 10 coupons so I'm pretty confident I can use up the other 10 as soon as they arrive. Fingers crossed!

Shelly said...

Great job! I sent my last Bayer Q with DBF Monday. I had him use the RR to get some Glad trash bags since I was almost out. I would be afraid to spend $73 on the Q since my WAGS are often out of stock, or stingy with letting me do back to back transactions anymore. I live 45 minutes away so I can't get there very often.