Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Target, Take Two

Woah, sorry about all that glare!

  • 4 Purina Chef Michaels bags of dry dog food $4.26 each,
  • 8 Purina Chef Michaels Canine Creations cans $0.84 each
  • 2 O-celo sponges $3.99 each
  • Junior Mints $0.54

Since the receipt is crazy confusing and coupons are attaching to random things, I thought it might be less confusing to just list the coupons I used, so here goes:

  • Three BOGO coupons for cans (8/23 RP) - attached to bags of dry food - $12.78 discount ($4.26 x 3) *Gave these FIRST (thanks for that tip Queen!)
  • One BOGO Target coupon for cans (8/30 SS) - attached to one can - $0.84 discount
  • Four $3 coupons for dry food (8/23 RP) - $12 discount
  • Four $1.50 Target coupons for dry food (go to "Target Coupons") - $6 discount

Total was $2.44, used $0.24 on Target gift card and paid the rest in cash


tshaninapeterson said...

Can't wait to go get my dog food!!! Do I need to make sure that I have one item per coupon, or does that matter at target?

frugalsuz said...

That's really up to your cashier, so its hard to say. I always try and go for a young male cashier - they tend to be pretty lenient. :)

annathy03 said...

Great Job, as always! Also if you go back and still have the Q's the Schick razors are on sale this week for $6.99. There was a $4 MC last week and a $4 Target Q this week- both went through fine for me yesterday (yay for overage!)

frugalsuz said...

I saw that deal on pubbler's blog but I didn't get the $4 Target coupons in my paper so its a no-go for me unfortunately.