Monday, September 7, 2009

Saved My Rainchecks for a Sunny Day

I've been a busy bee today! I spent a good deal of time organizing my stockpile room in my garage - moving all of the same things together (I had shaving cream in three different places), straightening things up and using a marker to write expiration dates on a lot of things - soda, salad dressing, peanut butter, toothpaste, Crystal Lite and contact solution. I also rotated my soda around so the oldest soda gets drunk first. I've discovered that flavored sodas (ie. cherry Pepsi, Sprite, etc) taste ok if they're past the date, but regular old soda just doesn't (plain old Coke or Pepsi). Last week I found a case of Pepsi that had slowly been leaking all over the garage floor, so I'm making a conscious effort to rotate the cases around and drink them in order. I also took everything out of my pantry upstairs, put aside food that's getting close to the expiration date to be donated and wrote the expiration date on everything else so it will be easy to keep track of dates.
  • Blue Bunny Sedona frozen yogurt $4.99, used $2 coupon (received with rebate check from a rebate I did in July), will submit for Try Me Free rebate = $2 profit
  • 9 Ronzoni pastas $0.59 each (Limit 4 per variety)
  • 2 Arnold Country Breads $1.88 each
  • Thomas English Muffins 12 pack $1.88
  • Bananas $1.08 ($0.39/lb)
  • Got $0.10 bag discount, total was $14.92

Rite Aid

  • Craig DVD player $24.99, will get back $5 (SCR #2) = $19.99
  • Used $5 off $20 coupon, total was $21.74 - paid with gift card I received as part of a July rebate

My DVD player recently bit the dust so getting a new one for about $16 and not having to use any cash sounds pretty darn'd good to me.

CVS - FYI - when you cash in rainchecks, the system will automatically bump the EB amount up to a whole dollar. So $1.99 becomes $2.

  • Thanks for this one Sarah! 2 Schick Quattro women's razors $9.99 each and 2 Schick Quattro cartridges $9.69 each, BOGO sale and used four $4 coupons (8/28 All You magazine or 8/23 SS) = $3.68 for all four *You could just buy these and use a $4 off $20 coupon to make them totally free. That's what I'd originally planned to do but then I decided to cash in some rainchecks while I was there.
  • Raincheck from 8/16-8/22 6 J&J Travel First Aid kits $0.99 each, used six $1 coupons (8/2 SS) and got back $6 EB ($2 EB WYB 2, Limit 5) = $6 profit
  • Raincheck from 7/19-7/25 2 CVS/Caliber pencils $1.99 each, got back $4 EB (Limit 2) = FREE/$0.02 profit
  • Raincheck from 8/16-8/22 Phillips Headphones $6.99, got back $7 EB (Limit 1) = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • Raincheck from 7/19-7/25 2 CVS/Its Academic Vinyl Binders $1.99 each, got back $4 EB (Limit 2) = FREE/$0.02 profit *The raincheck on these was for $3 and $3 EB, but since they only rang up as $1.99 each, they couldn't adjust the price up. It threw off my transaction a bit, which is why I added....
  • 2 CVS nail clippers $1.19 each
  • CVS Oregano $0.88
  • Used $3 off $10 CVS purchase coupon (got from scanner today), $4 off $20 coupon (ask Pharmacist about Ready Fill program and they should give you a coupon booklet), $11.37 EB, $2 EB and $1 EB, total was $3.04


Mandy said...

My new CVS told me they can't write a raincheck for a FAEB item :( I guess I should have challenged that?

frugalsuz said...

That's definitely not true. If its a new store, maybe they're just not aware of the raincheck policy. It might be worth calling the 1-800 # and asking if they could notify the store of the policy.

Lisa B. said...

My CVS gave me a hassle because my rainchecks were exactly a month old. I didn't think they had a 30 day limit on them and saved them like you, that I had gotten on all the school supplies. I ended up with one big ecb cause he (assistant manager) couldnt figure out how to do it individually.

They also hassle me about using 2 coupons on a BOGO item and refuse to take the second one.

Maybe I should call corporate on them.

Have you ever lost a raincheck and called corporate and received any satisfaction? I lost my raincheck on the first aid kits. :(

frugalsuz said...

I didn't think that rainchecks expire at all? I had a shift supervisor give me one huge EB for a couple of rainchecks once too because he was too lazy to do them individually. What a pain.

I've never lost a raincheck, so I'm not sure how they'd handle that. Its worth a try though!