Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anyone Know CPR?

Man, what a beautiful day it was here in Jersey! 70 something degrees, not humid, a cool breeze in the air - it was just perfect. It was nice to have a break from scouting around for newspapers and doing Sunday shopping as well. DBF and I decided to head up to the Garret Mountain Reservation in West Paterson. The park is huge and has lots of walking trails, picnic areas and a beautiful observation area of the city below.

As soon as we walked up to the ledge to have a look, Shadow decided to jump up ON the ledge. We hadn't gotten that close and I didn't know what was even on the other side. I pictured a vertical drop-off and Shadow hanging over the precipice, secured only by her collar. She nearly gave me a heart attack! DBF grabbed her and got her down lickety-split, but I don't think my heart rate returned to normal for a good three minutes. When I finally regained consciousness, I wiped the sweat from my brow and plucked up the courage to see what Shadow's fate would have been if DBF's reflexes hadn't been so fast. I went right up to that wall of death, peered over and saw the ground below me, a whole foot and a half down. Crisis averted!
I love the look of this church. Some churches have such interesting architecture, don't they? DBF was quick to point out that the local jail is right next door, which took away some of its glamour. Thanks for keeping it real honey!
DBF was in heaven over the park's collection of tanks. You have to admit, those "wheels" are pretty sweet. You wouldn't have any trouble driving to work in a snowstorm in one of these bad boys.
As usual, I was happily tottering around behind my boyfriend, taking pictures of weeds and such.
Shadow enjoyed the sunshine too. She loves going exploring with us, whether we end up at a pet store, hiking at a park or going for a long Sunday drive. She ain't picky.
When we got home, we decided to continue the photo shoot with the felines. I wouldn't say that Mousse especially loves the camera. He usually goes running the other way when he sees it pointed at him. This was the furthest he dared venture out from under that chair. Brave little soul, huh?
And Gigi...well, I don't know quite what to say about this shot. Caption: "Approach...if you dare."


Amanda said...

Great pictures--looks like you had a wonderful day!

Queen said...

i love the cat pic! when ours glare at us like that we call it "the eyebrow face"

btw, i would totally hang that picture of the grass on my wall. i love it.

frugalsuz said...

Thanks! We really did have fun

haha, that's a good way to describe it, I like it!

Thanks, I really like the grass shot too. Something about the way the sunlight was hitting the grass is really cool