Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a Day

What a wonderful weekend. On Saturday, DBF and I checked out the new Harry Potter movie with my sister and her friend. I am a huge fan of HP and thought the movie was amazing. Poor DBF was totally lost though. Afterwards, we all grabbed dinner at Fat Burger - yummo! Then it was off to a local park for a fireworks display. I was really hoping to get some great pictures, but they didn't come out well. At least the kids next to us at the park got a kick out of the fireworks. I swear the one kid kept saying "dammit! Those are some good fireworks!" His mom didn't make a peep, so I may be wrong. She was all over him for everything else he did so I doubt she would have let him swear. He kept cracking us up!
Sunday was shopping day. We started off at Staples. I saw in the circular that backpacks are free, and figured that we could always use a backpack. When we got in the store, the sales folks were setting up a huge display of bags, including totes. I asked if the rebate included the totes and the woman told me absolutely. We decided to get two - one on my Staples rewards card and the second on DBF's. Score!

  • 2 Backpack/tote bags - $19.99 and $9.99 each, will get back that money on each of our Staples Rewards cards in October (Limit one per address) = FREE (just paid the tax)
  • 2 cases Diet Coke (not in pic) $1.69 each with in-circular coupon (have to spend at least $15 on other stuff for this price)
  • Entenmann's apple pastry $1.69 with in-circular coupon (have to spend at least $15 on other stuff for this price)
  • Cantelope $0.78 with in-circular coupon (have to spend at least $15 on other stuff for this price)
  • 5 Cabot cheddars $1.84 each
  • America's Choice milk $1.99
  • Fresh Express lettuces $1.49 each
  • Doritos $1.99
  • Used $1 catalina, total was $22.38
  • 6 Santa Cruz Organic lemonades $1.39 each, used six $0.75 coupons (from Go Organic booklet found in stores) = FREE
  • Just paid tax of $0.32 - bought these over a couple transactions
Rite Aid
  • 4 Schick Quattro Razors $5.99 each, used four $4 coupons (6/14 SS) = $7.96 or $1.99 each
  • Scott bath tissue $1.29
  • Used $5 off $25 coupon, total was $5.93

These purchases qualified me for a $10 RA gift card (SCR #61 - buy $25 worth of Kimberly Clark products, get a $10 Rite Aid gift card or buy $50 worth and get a $25 gift card) = $4.07 profit

CVS - FYI the school supplies are only on sale Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
  • 2 Caliber or CVS Filler Papers (150 sheets) $2 each, got back $4 EB ($2 EB each, limit 2) = FREE
  • 2 Caliber or CVS Memo Books (50-80 sheets) $0.99 each, got back $1.98 EB ($0.99 each, limit 2) = FREE
  • 2 PaperMate 1.2 Pens (10 count) $0.99 each, got back $1.98 EB ($0.99 each, limit 2) = FREE
  • CVS Pantiliners (22 count) $0.89, got $0.89 EB (Limit 1) = FREE
  • 3 papers $2 each
  • Used $1.98 EB, $1.98 EB, $4.47 EB and $5.98 EB, total was $0.46

Rinse and repeated on DBF's card

My store was out of the free pencils and vinyl binders so we got a raincheck for those. My favorite cashier even had the rainchecks written up for us before we got to the register. She saw us hunting around in the stationery aisle for them. :)
Since it was such a gorgeous day today, DBF and I decided to go for a nice leisurely Sunday drive. Our destination was Christmas Tree Shops in Allentown, PA. I love poking around in this store. They have housewares, decorations, furniture, cooking items, dishes, toys, HBA items and anything else your heart could desire. And everything is very affordable, but not cheap or tacky. I couldn't resist these scrapbook kits for $2.99 a piece. The cake stickers drew me in. I'm such a sucker for 3-D stickers.
DBF spotted these storage bins and I just had to have them. How cute are these?
They're actually pretty big too. Lots of room for stockpile items in these babies.
After our shopping was done, we decided to stop into Five Guys for dinner. Its a no-frills burger joint. You can order a burger, cheeseburger, bacon burger or bacon cheeseburger. That's about it! The fries are cooked in peanut oil and there are bins of peanuts all around for you to chow down on while you're waiting for your food. DBF and I ate outside on the patio and savored every delicious bite. The drive home was great. Windows down, good music playing, breeze blowing in my hair, my best friend beside me, what more could a girl ask for?


Kathleen said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!! Glad you had a good time.

Amanda said...

You had the perfect weekend! Shopping, hounding, the new HP movie and burgers. What a great way to spend the day. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend. Our staples is too far away to try and get the bags but I was excited to see you got those cute totes!
Our CVS was out of everything too. oh well gotta love rainchecks

frugalsuz said...

It really was!

When you put it that way, it sounds even better!

I'm seeing on other blogs that a lot of folks had a hard time finding the binders. I wonder if most CVS stores even carry these!

Brie said...
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Brie said...

That sounds like a great weekend! Five Guys is amazing and those bags are so cute. I'll have to check them out!

Amiyrah said...

Five guys no frills?! No way! Did you see the list of toppings for them? that's frills if I ever saw one. And it's free frills since they don't charge you for topping :o)

That's my treat when I go down the base...the boys and I go there for lunch and eat like pigs.

frugalsuz said...

Hope you find some cute ones!

Shelly said...

Glad you had a fun weekened! I got a lot of the FAECB stuff from CVS, but didn't try for the binders. I may have to check Staples out next time I'm close, cute bags!

Precious said...

Wasn't that a great deal? Love the totes! I picked up a laptop computer bag for a gift!