Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Friday

The rebate forms are all spoken for. If you're in Target, check the beverage aisle - maybe you can find some too!
Staples - I didn't see this deal in the circular until midway through the week and by that time, the Staples near home and work were all out of stock. Then I remembered an out of the way Staples and checked there tonight - they had a whole basket full! This store always seems to be well-stocked. I have to remember to check this one more often.
  • Staples battery operated pencil sharpener $10, will get back $10 Easy Rebate (Limit 1) = FREE
  • Total was $10.70 with tax

My sister bought a second one for me and I'll submit for this rebate under DBF's address.

We also went to Target and poked around a bit. I found some $0.75 coupons good for single bottles of Snapple and rebate forms for a free pack of 6 bottles (up to $6.99). The rebate is good until 8/15 (postmark by 8/22) and isn't good in RI. I snagged some extra forms for you dear friends, just cause I love ya that much. :) If you'd like one, please send me your address at I have about 6 extra forms and I'll update the post when they're gone. Please don't post your address in the comments section - privacy and all that jazz.


Queen said...

where in target did you see the rebates?

frugalsuz said...

They were in the beverage aisle by the Snapple. Hope you're able to find some!