Friday, July 17, 2009

The Best of Friends?

Remember this touching little moment between Rocky and Riley? Ahh, how lovely.

Well friends, the honeymoon is officially over. Rocky is having none of this silly puppy nonsense. Puppy yips all afternoon really wear on a dog's nerves, ya know?
"Rocky, Rocky, Rocky! Wanna play? Huh huh? Play? Play? Right now? We play? Huh? Whadda ya say Rocky?"

Rocky - "FINE! You wanna play? Let's play...."

Riley - "oh crap"

Oh dear. If you can somehow draw your attention away from those dagger-like teeth, please notice the head smushing going on here. Repeatedly, Rocky bumped heads with little Riley, pushing his head down. He even tried to sit on and squash Riley a couple times. Riley's very wiggly and always got out of the way just in time. Oh my. Rocky's looking a wee-bit perturbed. After some serious playing, Riley's energy petered out and he all but collapsed on the floor, exhausted but smiling.
Riley - That was fun! Nom nom nom

Is it just me or does Riley look bigger already? Its amazing how fast puppies grow!


Jamie said...

OH MY! Those are some scary teeth Rocky! That is too funny! Looks like Riley enjoyed himself though!

KristinBrianne said...

That's a scary picture! Looks like they will be big buddies though, once the puppy irritations slow a bit.

frugalsuz said...

They're just playing. Its scary sometimes to watch, but Rocky never really bites him. Just little nips to show Riley who's boss.