Monday, July 20, 2009

Free Movies for Me

How cool is this? Over the weekend, my boyfriend spotted a Redbox machine at a 7-11 that I pass EVERY SINGLE DAY to go to work. I'm so excited! I've heard about all the freebie codes for Redbox, but there haven't been any machines close enough to me to make it worthwhile. I signed up for email messages from Redbox this afternoon and they sent me one already. Here's what they said in the email:

"To redeem your one night's free rental, please enter the following promo code at any redbox. Note that the code cannot be used for online reservations. BREAKROOM Enjoy!"

So here's my question - how long is the code good for? I know that in general, the freebie codes are good for Mondays only and you have to return the movie by 9 pm the next Tuesday, but this email doesn't specify any dates. Is this a generic newbie code? I didn't have time to get a movie tonight, so I'm hoping I can use this another time. What do you think?

I'm sure all you Redbox pros out there already know about this, but I found a website called Redbox Codes that lists all of the current codes that are out there. Good to know!

Rite Aid
  • Neutrogena loose powder $12.09, used $3 coupon (6/21 RP) = $9.09*
  • Citre Shine Sham/Cond/Styler $3.99, used $1 coupon (4/26 SS) and will get back $3 (SCR #130) = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • Sambucol Lozenges or Tablets (30 ct) or Syrup (7 oz) $7.99, used $3 coupon (found inside package that I'd bought previously) and will get back $7 (SCR #91) = $2.01 profit
  • Used $5 off $25 coupon, total was $13.19, overall profit for the day was $21.81

*Buying the Neutrogena brought me up to $50 towards SCR #160 (spend $50 on participating J&J products, get a $25 RA gift card). I didn't spend anything OOP for the other items I bought, so this is a $15.91 profit for me on this rebate (I didn't figure the tax in here).

I had wanted to get some chewable Sambucol tablets but all the boxes were sliced open on the top. Isn't that weird? I wonder if someone was hunting for coupons.

CVS - my card

  • 2 Caliber or CVS No. 2 Pencils (24 count) $1.99 each, got back $3.98 ($1.99 EB each, limit 2) = FREE
  • Used $1.98 EB and $1.98 EB, total was $0.16

No vinyl binders at this store either. From what I've read on HCW and other blogs, I'm starting to think the binders are one of those items that only certain stores carry. I have rainchecks for these for both my cards, so I'll get them eventually. Or maybe not. Either way, its all good. :)


Lindsay said...

Hi Suz,
"Breakroom" has been good for almost a year and a half now - heck, maybe even longer. You can use it once on each card you have. Also try "DVDONME" :)

Amiyrah said...

the breakroom code is good until you use it.

you can also use it on more than one card, in case you have a credit card and a debit card. You can end up ordering 2 movies that same night! you just have to order one on one card and one on the other.

also, when you start using the monday only codes, you can use those on all different cards too! Just remember that they have to be back the next day.

You may wanna hold on to the breakroom code and use it on friday or saturday night. Free date night! lol

Lisa B. said...

If I remember right, I read somewhere that the code they emailed you is good for 30 days.

They no longer do a free code every Monday and Wednesday. The Monday code is once a month, the first Monday of the month. They send the code via text to my phone so I have it with me when I'm out by the boxes.

Jenny said...

I've been using the "breakroom" and "dvdonme" codes since I first started using redbox. You can use them once per credit/debit card, and there is no expiration on them! :)

Emily said...

I'm not sure if this still works or not, but you may be able to use the code 'redbox' the VERY FIRST time you use each of your cards.

If you use one of the other codes, 'redbox' won't work on those cards.

frugalsuz said...

Thanks for the codes and info ladies! I'm looking forward to trying this out. :)