Thursday, August 16, 2012

What a Day

Da boyfriend and I both had off from work today and were looking forward to a relaxing day together.  We were going to take a drive to check out Orange County Choppers, but alas, the house did not want us to leave.  We have a crack in the housing for our water filter thingie, which means its slowly dripping and leaking water in the basement.  DBF has been trying to fix it all day (he's still working now).  The joys of home ownership...

In between standing around and "helping," I snuck outside for a flower photo shoot.  I just cannot believe how well these flowers have grown!  All I did was sprinkle the seeds in the dirt and walk over them to smoosh them in the ground.  Guess I'm onto a new gardening method!
I thought this was such an interesting angle.  I sat down on the ground and pointed the camera up towards the sky.  I have about 40 out of focus pictures using this method, but got a couple good ones.
In between trips to Lowes, I got some grocery shopping done too -

Price Chopper - was going to do this Kimberly Clark scenario but the store was out of the Kleenex hand towels and only had two packs of toilet paper (one was ripped open).  I might try another store on Saturday.

  • 2 Scott Paper Towels $6.99 each and Scott Extra Soft Toilet Paper $6.99, used two $0.75 paper towel coupons and one $1 toilet paper coupon (8/12 SS) plus doubler coupon and got back $10 catalina (for spending $30, based on shelf price) = $5.97 or $1.99 each
  • Gillette Shaving Cream $2.22, used $1 coupon (7/22 RP) plus double coupon = $0.22
  • Caraway Seeds $2.99
  • Case of Yuengling Beer $17.99 + $1.20 deposit - DBF definitely deserves some beer today
  • Total was $41.75

I'm hoping the caraway seeds will add some oomf to my homemade rye bread.  It needs a little sumthin.


  • 8 Keebler Cookies $0.99 each, used four $0.55 off 2 coupons (7/29 RP) = $0.44 each
  • 4 Ken's Salad Dressings three @ $1.67 and one at $1.66, used two $1 off 2 coupons (8/12 SS) = $1.16 each


mb said...

My husband said you should buy a new water filter... about 40 bucks... hope it works out for you!

Connie said...

I am addicted to the Scott deal! The regular Scott TP had $1 peelies on all of them today. My store had a huge end cap full! PC just put printable doublers on Facebook and you can use four, so, I may be heading back tomorrow !

frugalsuz said...

We have a new one, ready and waiting in the basement to be installed - but DBF doesn't know how to install it. We've been waiting for a friend who is a plumber to come and install it for us, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon so we're going to hire someone. Plumbing is one of the things DBF doesn't know much about unfortunately. He ended up taking the filter out temporarily and putting in a piece of pipe with some clips instead.

I know, me too! My stash of paper towels literally hit the ceiling with these two packs I just bought, and I think I'm going to get some more before the week is out. :)

Connie said...

I went back to PC and did the Scott deal 2 more times. I came very close to punching a fellow couponer though. She was there in the next lane over with 2 pre-teen girls and they each had a cart full and running over and doing the deal over and over. I took my first purchase of THREE TP's to the car, came in to get THREE more and when I was checking out the manager came over to "reprimand" me, pointing out that I had just been through and the deal is supposed to be limited to one per day. I commented about the lady that was totally taking advantage of it. WHATEV! Mind you, they still had an end cap with no less than 100 packages of Scott and the sale ends tomorrow...

mb said...

Check your email. If you didn't already hire someone, I think my husband can talk you guys through it. He fixes up old houses, etc.

frugalsuz said...

That's ridiculous! Its one thing to purchase tons of stuff, but to make a big scene? Sheesh. I did another Scott purchase today and I think I'm done - I'm just about out of Scott coupons and the PC's around me aren't close. I might make another trip tomorrow for some cheap V8 Splash juice and call it a week.

Awesome, off to check my email....