Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free Diapers!


  • 4 Huggies Slip On Diapers (size 3) clearanced to $3.19 each, used $4 WAG coupon (monthly coupon booklet, took off $3.19 each) = FREE
Checked out one other store that didn't have them on clearance at all and another that was sold out.  As always, clearance deals vary greatly from store to store.  This store had a sign up saying they were $10.79 a pack.  Just to be thorough, I brought one to the cashier and asked for a price check.  I did a very enthusiastic happy dance (on the inside of course) and then went back to the aisle for the other four packs. I gave two to my friend at work who just had a baby and kept two for my stockpile.

Rite Aid - more of the same mostly.  We're into the August SCR's now - 

  • 4 Duck Rugged Mailers $1.19 each ($1.49 reg price, 20% discount), will get back $6 (SCR #51, $3 WYB 2, Limit 2) = $1.24 profit 
  • 4 Gracious Living Accessory Boxes $2.39 each ($2.99 reg price, 20% discount), will get back $10 (August SCR #44, $5 WYB 2, Limit 3) = $0.44 profit
  • 3 Office Expert Thumbtacks $0.29 each, will get back $1 (SCR #54, WYB 3) = $0.13 profit
  • Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive Cream (0.75 oz) $1.99, will get back $1.99 (August SCR #585) = FREE *waited too long to print the $1 coupon - its out of prints now!  Boo
  • 4 Visine (15 mL) $4.23 ($5.29 reg price, 20% discount), used four $2 coupons (7/29 RP) and four $2 circular coupons = $0.23 each
The Visine purchases now give me $25.38 towards the $30 I need to get back a $10 UP.  I've only spent $1.38 so far!  Two more to go....

Just realized there's another SCR in August for Revlon beauty tools!  Wish I'd waited to make my final purchases.  Its $2 WYB $5 or $4 WYB $10 (#30, Limit FOUR!).  

My Rite Aid stores got catalina machines!  I got an ad for Cover Girl foundation (boring) and $1 off a denture thing.  Fingers crossed that I get better coupons going forward!


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the heads up on the diapers, I will be checking that out for sure!!! :)

frugalsuz said...

I hope you find some too! :)