Friday, August 3, 2012

Oh My

I went to so many Rite Aid's today that I've honestly lost track.  I was on the hunt for the Lichi stuff.  I obviously lucked out at some stores but more often than not, someone had beaten me there.  Just the nature of the game.  Huge, huge, HUGE thank you to Sheila for posting about the Lichi deal!

Rite Aid

  • 2 Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacements $7.99 each ($9.99 reg price, 20% discount), got back $10 UP (weekly deal, WYB 2, Limit 2 offers) and $20 UP (monthly deal,  WYB 2, Limit 2 offers) = $14.02 profit 
  • 4 Futuro Knee Highs $10.99 each, BOGO 50% off sale so two were $5.49 each, used four $3 coupons, got back $10 UP (WYB $25) and will send away for two $10 rebates (need peelie rebate found on package, Limit 2) = $9.04 profit
  • 2 Visine $4.23 each ($5.29 reg price, 20% discount), used two $2 circular coupons and two $2 coupons (7/29 RP) = $0.23 each, got back $10 UP (WYB $30).  I bought 8 Visines at $0.23 a piece, so $8.16 profit
  • 2 Crest Pro Health Rinses $5 each (one 946 mL or larger, one 473 mL), used BOGO coupon (7/1 P&G) and two $1 RA coupons (Oral Health coupon booklet found in stores) and got back two $3 UP's ($3 each, Limit 2) = $3 profit
  • Lanacane $5, got back $5 UP (Limit 1) and $1 UP (monthly deal, Limit ?) = $1 profit
  • Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive Cream (0.75 oz) $1.99, will get back $1.99 (August SCR #585) = FREE

On my two 20% cards, I bought three sets of two Lichi at $7.99 each, so that's a $42.06 profit.  One store only had one of the meal replacement kits, so I got that plus a total body detox kit for $15.99 ($19.99 reg price, 20% discount).  $7.99 + $15.99 - $30 UP's = $6.02 profit.  I also bought two on a non-discount card.  Of course, they were priced at $10.49 at this store, so $10.49 x 2 - $30 UP's = $9.02 profit.

All in all, that made my day an overall profit of $78.30!!!!!  This reminds me of several years ago when there were more deals than I had time for.  


  • Cremo Shave Cream $7.99, will submit for TMF rebate (have to include the orange TMF label from the package when you submit the form, must be postmarked by 12/31/14) = FREE
  • 3 Hellmann's Mayos $3.50 each, used three $0.70 coupons (7/29 RP) and got back $3 EB (WYB $10, Limit 1) = $5.40
  • 2 Gatorades $0.88 each
  • Used $4/$20 coupon, $0.67 EB, $1 EB, $3 EB and $3 EB, total was $2.99


Anonymous said...

Wowza!! All three stores I went to were out. :( Good job!!!

frugalsuz said...

I wish I'd seen this deal on Thursday but I was in a meeting all afternoon and didn't check SD before I left to go home. I shopped at a couple RA's on my way home - could have bought the Lichi then! Oh well, hindsight's 20/20 right?

debbie said...

I found 2 canisters today. Thanks for sharing the Lichi deal!

D said...

I saw your post on The Coupon Goddess weeks ago about commenting. Despite the fact that we don't always comment. I want to thank you for all us lurkers. We love reading about your deals! I personally thank you for posting about this one. I found 2 Lichi containers at store #3 and also stocked up on the Futuro. I couldn't find any with rebates on them. Would you have any extras to trade?

Connie said...

I was only able to check 2 stores Friday but neither even carried the Lichi. Bummer...

Can you send me a message over at GC? I wanna ask you something...thanks!

frugalsuz said...

That's great!

Thanks for your comment, that really means a lot to me. I was going through a bit of funk when I wrote that and I've got the couponing bug again. Its all good. :) Sure, I can send you a couple Futuro peelies. Just send me your address at frugalsuz@hotmail .com and I'll get them right out to you.

Its tough when deals pop up at the end of the week, isn't it?