Sunday, August 12, 2012

First PC Doubles Trip

Price Chopper - did Sheila's deal and it worked perfectly!  I'm very excited about the doubler coupons this week.  Unlike in the past, you don't have to spend a minimum amount to use them.  The circulars in the paper had these coupons, and I'm hoping they'll put the coupon online somewhere too.

  • Scott Paper Towels $6.99 ($10.99 shelf price), used $0.75 coupon (8/12 SS) and 2 Scott Toilet Paper $6.99 each ($10.79 shelf price), used two $1 coupons (8/12 SS) and two doubler coupons = $15.47 and got back $10 catalina (WYB $30, based on shelf prices) = $5.47
  • 2 PC Pickles $2.19 and BOGO sale = $2.19 for both
  • 2 Wishbone Dressings $2 each, used two $0.25 coupons (7/29 RP) = $3 or $1.50 each
  • Used $5 off $25 Save A Lot competitor coupon, total was $17.36
Stopped into CVS for my papers - $2 each.  I used a 30% off coupon I got in my email and a $5 Beauty Club EB.  After scanning the EB, the discount adjusted to $2.10, so I paid $9.90 for my papers.  So strange how some things make these coupons adjust the discount!
Welcome to my least favorite room in our house, except maybe the basement.  The pink room, named after the lovely carpet, has become our junk room.  We haven't really done anything with it yet because we're planning to rip out the carpet and take down the paneling.  Until we do that, we haven't had much motivation to do much in here and its become the storage space for our odds and ends.

I had all my scrapbooking materials stored in the large box.  I took most of the stuff out about a month or so ago to work on a scrapbook of our projects/updates around the house.
A couple of weeks ago, we noticed a funny thing.  Gigi was disappearing somewhere in the house for hours on end.  She still loves the dining room and spends a lot of time gazing out the window, but she'd found a hiding spot somewhere else in the house.  She always emerges when its time to eat or when she decides she wants to play, but when we looked for her - couldn't find her anywhere.
This has been going on for a couple weeks.  We saw her poke her little head out of the pink room a couple times but when we'd look for her in there, couldn't find her.
Until... day when da boyfriend had enough and was determined to find her.  He snuck into the pink room, looked around for places we hadn't checked before and slowly lifted the lid of the box.
That little bugger had been hiding behind the box, in a tiny spot just big enough for her.  She'd probably been laying back there, a little smirk on her face as we walked all over the house calling her name.  Its amazing how good cats are at hiding (when they want to).
"Crud, now I gotta find a new spot to hide."


michelle said...


Mary said...

Aww! Too cute. I actually plan little hiding spots for my cat. He's a pain in the butt, otherwise. He loves hiding in the sink cupboards, so I usually leave them empty for him. My older cat just likes to lay under a blanket that is over a laundry basket, so whatever floats her boat, I say. She's like a kid with a tent made with the dining room table! We just moved to a new apartment and it was a little traumatic for them, had to move twice because the first apartment really sucked (weird smells, truck noise all night) and you would think they'd say, oh - white walls, tan carpet, this is the same place we just left, but they really know the difference!

Jenna said...

I read that the CVS % coupons do not work well with any "cvs" extra buck (the green tag or the beauty club ones, or a 4 off 20 coupons - basically anything that rings up "CVS COUPON" will deduct from your % coupon. Go over to WUC they have the whole formula worked out, but you are much better off paying for your transaction without these "CVS COUPONS" to maximize your 30% discount! HTH!

frugalsuz said...

Gigi was pretty freaked out when we moved into the house too. Took her a while to really get comfortable. She wouldn't even come out of the carrier the first day! Poor things, they really don't like change.

I could see that happening with other coupons, but I don't expect it with EB's. Weird....

Linda said...

OMG, that room looks just like my childhood room from the 1970s, pink carpet and the white/pink panelling!

frugalsuz said...

I'm sure it hasn't been touched in that long! Authentic 70's decor baby!