Monday, August 6, 2012

Rainbows, Deer and Monthly Totals

There's no rhyme or reason for combining these various things into one post, other than I don't feel like creating three separate posts.  Well there you go, I guess that's the reason.
We've had the craziest storms this summer.  Its either been 100 degrees and muggy or violently storming.  Summer weather for you I guess.  
This beautiful rainbow appeared after another bout of thunder and lightening hit us.  This storm actually knocked over a tree in the backyard.  It didn't hit anything or anyone thank goodness. 
Sure is pretty!  Isn't it cool how the sky under the rainbow is so much brighter than the sky above it?  There's probably a reason for that, but I didn't always pay attention in science class. 
Back to a hot, muggy day, I started to let Shadow out in the back yard when I noticed Gigi intently watching something in the back yard.  Deer!  Its rare to see these guys in the yard during the day.  
Never fear, Gigi the Vigilant is on the case.  Notice her perfectly aligned paws on the piece of wood.  She's ready for anything!

On that note, are you ready for some monthly totals?  I haven't done this in a while, but I haven't had a month this good in ages.  Here we go - 

July 2012 Monthly Totals
  • Merchandise Total (before coupons): $3,149.12
  • Value of Coupons/Store Sales: $909.54
  • Rewards/Gift Cards/EB's Used: $1,441.41
  • Rewards/Gift Cards/EB's Earned: $1,964.07
  • Rebates $588.37
  • Cost for the whole month NEGATIVE $235.27!
  • Number of Items 712, Number of Free Items 596
That means I made a profit of over $200 this month.  Lately, its been more like I'm spending $200 so I was very happy with this month.  

Rebates Received
  • $4 Stella Artois NBPR rebate on $4.01 of Popcorn #32169  
  • $5 Stayfree/Carefree/ob
  • $25 Dos Equis NBPR rebate on $40 of meat DOSNA011
  • $9.95 Physician's Formula Organic Wear Lash Boosting Mascara
  • $10 P&G Spend $50 Rebate
  • $25 Amstel NBPR rebate on $100.01 Groceries AMLNA004
  • Mars Movie Cash Tickets (valid up to $9)


Sheila said...

Yay! You posted your monthly totals! I miss them :) Girl, you did well!!!

kadywood said...

Wow! Very impressive. You sure do know how to save.

frugalsuz said...

Thanks ladies!

Jennifer said...

That's awesome! I had forgotten that you stopped posting these--they were always shocking to me. Out of curiosity, could you sometimes post how much you spend on coupons that you buy? Or do you usually trade? I'm posting a picture of a TMF rebate I found a SNS on SD. For a frozen vegetarian meal. :)

frugalsuz said...

Thanks! When I buy coupons on ebay, it all comes from the money I make selling things on ebay. I think of that almost as play money and don't really keep track of it anywhere.