Sunday, April 15, 2012

Walgreens and Walls


  • Nasal Ease Allergy Relief (0.18 oz) $9, used $5 coupon (3/11 RP), will submit for $3 rebate and got back $9 RR = $8 profit
Then I used the $9 RR to buy - 
  • Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief Spray (0.68 oz) $6, used $1.50 coupon (4/1 SS or April All You magazine) and got back $6 RR = $1.50 profit
  • Goody Hair Elastics (27 pk) $1.99, got back $1 RR = $0.99
  • WAG Aluminum Foil $0.99 with in-circular coupon
  • 2 Dawn $0.99 each, used two $0.20 coupons (4/1 P&G) = $0.79 each 
  • Used $9.99 RR, total was $0.46
This store didn't have any Pepsi Next, so I bought the foil as a substitute.  Then I headed to another WAG and did another two transactions:

  • Nasal Ease Allergy Relief (0.18 oz) $9, used $5 coupon (3/11 RP), will submit for $3 rebate and got back $9 RR = $8 profit 
  • Pepsi Next (20 oz) $0.99 + $0.05 bottle deposit, got back $0.99 RR FREE
  • 2 Dawn $0.99 each, used two $0.20 coupons (4/1 P&G) = $0.79 each
  • Used $6 RR, total was $0.86
Finally, I bought:
  • Pepsi Next (20 oz) $0.99 + $0.05 bottle deposit, got back $0.99 RR FREE
  • 4 Nice Shredded Cheeses and 2 sliced swiss cheeses $1.50 each for four (with in-circular coupon), other two were $2.69 each, got back $2 RR for spending $10 on Nice items = $9.38 or $1.56 each
  • Used $9 RR, total was $2.50
I'm not sure if the cashier did this or if it was the register, but I only got the $1.50 sale price for four of the cheeses. I had planned on buying seven, but since some were more expensive, I only needed six to spend $10.  Is that something with the new registers?
When we first moved in to the house, this is what our entryway looked like.  The paneling made everything look so dark.  We ripped off the paneling and found mold behind it (blech).  Now that that's been taken care of, it was time to paint and make it pretty!

My painting partner/sister came up on Saturday to help out.  We chose a happy yellow for the first room - 
and a light, airy blue for the second room!  We cleaned out each room while working on it.  Painting around the dehumidifier in the blue room was a pain in the arse.  It pumps outside, so I had to be very careful not to dislodge anything.  I let the paint dry overnight and then today I shop-vac'd the floors and swept up any remaining dust and debris.  There have been small bits of paneling everywhere since DBF ripped that down.  Once the rooms were clean, we moved all the stockpile stuff from the stockpile room to these two rooms because.... 
It got ripped apart!
The walls in this room were in really bad shape behind all that paneling, so da boyfriend and I ripped them down.  You wouldn't believe the dust!  My hair was gray by the time we finished.  We also found some crumpled newspaper in the walls - dated Dec. 26, 1965.  That was pretty cool.  

We have to clean out all the mess, re-sheetrock the room, prime and paint.  Oh joy.  I'll be very happy when this level is done. Its been one huge mess after another.  Happily though, we can now get to all the stockpile stuff again.  When DBF took off all the paneling and found the mold, we smushed all the stuff into the center of the room and it was very difficult to get to a lot of the stuff in the back corner.

Once the stockpile room is done, the next project will be to put in carpeting on this entire level.  I hate the way these floors look and feel.  And try as I might, I cannot get them fully clean.  We're also going to change out the closet doors.  By the time we're done, this level won't look anything like it did when we bought the house.  I love that we're making everything our own, slowly but surely.


spaghetti0625 said...

I'm so jealous! DH and I were looking into buying a house. It's my aunt's house and it's in bad shape (it's my dad's aunt, and she passed as did my uncle). We got the house appraised at 124k but my aunt's daughter had asked for 320k prior to the appraisal. After going through the numbers and all the work involved, and all the money in the work involved, we are pretty much squashing it. My BFF, who will do MOST of the interior work downstairs, and is in charge of everything if we buy it (he can build me a house if I asked him, he's that good) said that if we can't get it for 100k or less, its not worth I know my aunt's daughter won't take any less then 124k. But I haven't told her's been 2 months...but I stil toy with the idea of it. And looking at your pics...that's why I want it. To make it our own. We just need the canvas, we can imagine what we want and do it, the same way you are! I love what you have been doing to the's BEAUTIFUL!

Elizabeth said...

RE: the cheese @ Walgreens, the swiss rang up $2.69 for me after the in ad coupon, so not included in sale. I just bought the shredded cheese after that and it rang up @$1.50 after the in ad coupon, even if I bought more than 4 at a time. I bought bunches of them at my super friendly store, so my freezer is now full:-)

frugalsuz said...

Thanks spaghetti, we're really happy with how things have turned out too. We knew that the house needed a lot of work, but we got a good price on it knowing that. You have to take the cost of repairs into account, they really add up.

OH! That would make sense! They should have been included, the size of the package matches the coupon. Oh well, I'll just get shredded from now on, thanks!