Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Can't Think of a Title

Rite Aid

  • Single Serve Oreos $0.50 each, used $1 off 2 RA coupon (April Video Values) FREE
  • 6 papers $2 each
  • Total was $12 - tried to use UP's to pay but the register beeped.  I wonder if this is now a no-go?


  • 4 Mission Tortillas $1.49 each, will send away for $5 Dos Equis NBPR rebate on fresh/frozen Mexican food items (DOSNA012) = $0.96 or $0.24 each
  • 10 Banquet Sausages $0.99 each, got back $3 catalina (WYB $10) = $6.90 or $0.69 each
  • 4 Cabot Cheeses $1.49 each, used four $1 coupons = $1.96 or $0.49 each
  • Kosher Salt $1.19
  • The Good Cook Muffin Tin $4.99
  • Milk $3.59
  • Total was $28.53

I stopped into Staples over the weekend to look for some kind of holder to use for recipe cards.  Imagine my surprise at finding a display of couponing supplies!  They had these coupon pages, pages for baseball size coupons, binders of various sizes and an array of scissors.  
We also put our gas discount to good use!  I earned a discount of $2.20 off a gallon at S&S last week.  We filled up my car, da boyfriend's truck and a five gallon gas jug, all for $66.47!  We paid $1.89 per gallon.  Love that!


Slickcat said...

The UPs have been beeping on newspapers for me the last couple of weeks. So far the manager has been pushing them through for me because there is no writing on them to restrict you from buying papers.

Linda said...

The UPS can no longer be used on newspapers as of a few weeks ago :(

Lena said...

I have the same beer rebate but I never thought of using it for tortillas. Great idea!

frugalsuz said...

Slickcat and Linda - thanks for the info. I bought papers last week and had a problem with the UP's as well, but I was buying other items and assumed one of them was the culprit. Bummer. I don't think they've changed the wording on the UP's, so I guess you're just supposed to magically know that. Let me get out my crystal ball...

Thanks! Its nice when these rebates are so vague. Leaves them open to a lot more items.