Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hoorah for Dentastix!

Little Miss Shadow loves her Dentastix and I was thrilled to find such a great deal on them. The $3 price is valid until April 2! They also had the smaller Dentastix (for smaller dogs) for $2, so those would be free with the coupon.

  • 10 Dentastix $3 each, used ten $2 coupons (1/30 RP) = $10 or $1 each
  • Total was $12.10
  • 4 Kettle Chips $1.50 each, used four $1 coupons (1/30 RP) = $2 or $0.50 each


Sam said...

Where did you get the Dentastix at?

frugalsuz said...

DUH! Guess that would be some helpful info, huh? I just updated the post. Thanks for letting me know

Tracy said...

Was it Rite Aid???? Either it does not show up on my screen, or I need glasses today!!!

frugalsuz said...

Got them at Target. :)

Monica said... also had a $1/1 dentastix which, for me, made them free.

frugalsuz said...

Lucky you! I just looked on Target's website and didn't see that coupon. Was it up there recently?

Anonymous said...

All sizes of Dentastix at my Target are $3, none for $2 so I didnt buy any. I wish all Target stores had the same prices.
I looked at the Target coupon site several times yesterday and didnt see any Dentastix coupons there either.