Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Cutest Bowls You'll Ever See

Don't ya think? We ordered these from My Coke Rewards, cashing in 2,000 points we've accumulated from soda bottles and cans. Its a set of six stoneware mixing bowls in various sizes and I just love them!
Rite Aid - my card
  • 4 Sucrets (18 ct) $2.99 each, used four $1.50 coupons (1/23 SS) and got back four $2 UP = $2.04 profit
  • 2 J&J Cotton Swabs (500 ct) $2.79 each (reg. $3.49, 20% discount), used two $1 coupons (1/9 SS) and got back two $2 UP's = $0.42 profit
  • 7 J&J Baby Care Products (14-15 oz) $2.99 each, used seven $1 coupons (1/9 SS and various printables) and got back seven $2 UP's = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • 2 Right Guard Body Washes (13.5 oz) $3.99 each, used two $1 peelie coupons and got back two $3 UP's (Limit 2) = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • Measuring cups $3.99 - to match my new bowls!
  • Used $33 in UP's, total was $3.14
Then we went to another RA and bought some goodies for DBF's card. We only had $14 in UP's to use, so we didn't get as much
  • Sucrets (18 ct) $2.99, used $1.50 coupon (1/23 SS) and got back $2 UP = $0.51 profit
  • Right Guard Body Wash (13.5 oz) $3.99, used $1 peelie coupon and got back $3 UP (Limit 2) = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • 5 J&J Baby Care Products (14-15 oz) $2.99 each, used five $1 coupons (1/9 SS and various printables) and got back five $2 UP's = FREE/$0.01 profit
  • Used $14 in UP's, total was $1.76
We decided to take advantage of a great deal running at Lowe's right now. When you buy these specially marked gift cards (has to be these ones) and put between $500 and $4,000 on the gift card, Lowe's will kick in a 10% bonus on March 18. The gift cards never expire, so there's no rush to spend the money. We put on $500, so we'll get back $50 in less than a month. $50 profit!


Cheap&Sweet said...

Those bowls Rock! I want them, to bad I have no points which is a shame!

Sheila said...

Thanks for the Lowes card info, missing Rite Aid this week...there are no stores here in So. Florida...just Walgreens & CVS. My GF is still searching for your rebates @ home.

Cammie said...

love the bowls

just noticed I have $14 in cvs bucks that just expired. anything i can do? I forgot about them, such a waste!!

thanks for your blog!

Kerri said...

Cute BOWLS!! This is off the subject, but I wanted to tell you about the frozen food sale @ any 7 items get back a 5.00 gc. I bought 49 items for 13.51!! My freezer is packed! This deal is regional. I hope it's in your area!

frugalsuz said...

We've been saving the points for some time, hoping for something good. I love the variety of items they offer as rewards!

Thank you so much for looking! If you can't find them, no biggie,

You can ask if your store will take them, some do up to a certain point beyond the date.

Thanks, I'll have to look into it. Although, I don't think I can fit much of anything in my freezer right now so I might have to pass on it. Bummer!

Julie said...

I love your bowls; they're adorable.

Sheila said...

My GF is still looking...didn't realize how HOT those rebates are. My brother is also contacting the bud rep. Trying.

frugalsuz said...

You rock! Thank you so much for looking for me.