Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guess who was waiting for me when I got home?

The GIGI! She is always waiting by the door for me. Mousse usually is lurking around, under the coffee table, peering around a corner but scampers away right after I come in. I have no idea why he runs, because he always comes back for a belly rub a minute later. Maybe he's afraid the vet will one day come knocking on his door?
Do your cats goat? Mine do it all the time! Gigi is especially prone to this. Sometimes I'll look over at her, see her tipping and when I call out to her, she always finishes the tip over and ends up on her side. Sometimes she'll stretch one of her paws out towards me, as if inviting me over for a belly rub. The moment I move towards her, she'll hurriedly get up, trot two feet away and "goat" again. It really is adorable, except when she sees you walking down the hallway carrying a basket or some other large object that obstructs your view of said kitty and decides that would be the opportune moment to do some stretching, thereby causing you to trip over her, crash into a wall or door frame, drop the large object you were holding and whack your knee on something hard. At this point, she'll be safely down the hall looking at you with a puzzled expression, wondering why her human is so clumsy.
Yup, that's the expression.

By the way, my knee hurts.


Heather said...

My cats definitely 'goat' too. :)

spaghetti0625 said...

hahahahaha, that is soooo true! Lucky does that...she stretches out, puts her paw out like 'hey, belly, rub, now' Then you go to her and off to the races it is...she also does NOT like belly rubs at all. On the rare occasion we are in bed and she it OUT, she will let us rub the belly....but only when she's exhausted (from doing what though? She sleeps all day!)

Anonymous said...

My kitty Monty lays the side of his head and one of his shoulders on the floor first, and then flops the rest of his body down and points his belly up for me to rub. We call it his "fainting goat routine".

frugalsuz said...

I'm glad its not just my cats!