Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RIP $5/$25

Rite Aid - looks like the $5/$25 coupon is officially dead. Rest in peace dear friend, how I have enjoyed our time together! I'm not going to list out each transaction that I did today because the deals are pretty straightforward. Plus there's no need to lump your purchases together to hit $25. Sigh.
  • 2 RA/Office Expert Tapes (Invisible or Gift) $1.49 each, BOGO sale and got back two $1 UP's (one for each) = $0.51 profit
Bought 38 of these in total over a variety of stores. I was taxed $0.10 for every pair, so all in all, I made $7.79 profit. Be sure to check the gift wrap and holiday aisles for these. Every store I went to was out of them in the office supply aisle, but I was able to find tons in these other spots.

A couple stores also had more Ecotools items - hoorah! Here's the deal for those:
  • Ecotools Bath Care and Accessories $1.99 each, BOGO 50% off sale and got back $5 UP (WYB 2) = $2.02 profit
I was looking for the puzzles and figurines deals, but didn't find any. You can see some pics on Erica's site. Basically, they're $0.99 regular price, so less with your Wellness discount and you get back $2 UP for each. But they're one of those items that not every store gets and the ones that have them usually have limited quantities. I hope you're able to find some!

  • 2 JCP $50 gift cards, got back $10 catalina (WYB $100 in select gift cards) = $10 profit *Will use this towards $10 Coors NBPR rebate on gift cards (min. $50 purchase) = $20 profit

  • Apples $1.29/lb - $3.52
  • Breakstone sour cream $0.99
  • Used two $2.50 cats (second one had to be put in manually), total was $0.43
Then I bought:
  • Ground beef $3.24
  • Russet potatoes $1.99
  • Breakstone sour cream $0.99
  • Alouette Baby Brie $7.99, used $1 coupon (11/7 SS) and Alouette spreadable cheese $3.49, used $0.75 coupon (11/7 SS) - will use these towards $6 Michelob NBPR rebate when you spend $10 on cheese
  • Used two $2.50 cats and $10 cat, total was $0.10 after $0.10 bag discount


Erin said...

hey frugalsuz, love your blog. Just wondering where you got the coors nbpr rebate? I love aloulette cheese! :-)

frugalsuz said...

Thanks so much! I get all my NBPR rebates from ebay. Since I'm a state that doesn't require you purchase the beer to qualify for the rebate, I can never find the forms in my area.

Thrifty T said...

What a sad day. :O( What will we do now that the $5/$25 is gone???

Thanks for all of your hard work with your posts!

frugalsuz said...

I know, that's what I was thinking too. But us couponers are very adaptable and I'm sure we'll figure something out. :)

Michelle said...


Here's a question for you.

I still have not used my $5/$25 RA coupon in my Wellness Plus Rewards account (for signing up for Wellness card).

Can I still use that or have they abolished the use of that one too?

I don't see why they wouldn't take that one since it probably has a unique id and may even have my name on it.

Michelle - From Ohio

frugalsuz said...

Its worth a shot! I really don't know what's working and what isn't, but I hope that one goes through for you.

Precious said...

Very nice shops Suz. I am starting to really love shopping at RiteAid. I loaded on tape and envelopes. Alas my store does not carry many toys or those puzzles and the EcoTools were long gone.

frugalsuz said...

I'm glad you're having such fun at RiteAid! The Ecotools were pretty much cleaned out of all stores on the first day of the sale. Its too bad the stores don't really restock much during the week.