Friday, December 10, 2010

Have You Heard the News?

Rite Aid's Gift of Savings program seems to be working like it did last year! Instead of just counting your out of pocket expense, it seems to be calculating based on the value of your items. I just cleared $20 on both accounts! Looks like you can't request your check until 12/12 though. What a nice surprise.


Linda said...

I just checked mine and they adjusted mine now too...So excited!
Thanks for posting that...i was shopping kind of light at rite aid lately because I was bummed about the new rules.

rsgtarte said...

Thanks for Hounding 101....trying to get some savings going. How did you get started with couponing and rebating?

batito said...

Wow!Thanks, I just cleared for $10.00.

Precious said...

Yeah! That is Awesome!

frugalsuz said...

It definitely made my Friday!

I was trying to make ends meet and buying groceries each week was putting me over the edge. I started doing research on various ways of saving money and stumbled onto the Grocery Challenge thread on the MSN message boards. The rest is history!

batito and Precious,
Isn't it a happy surprise?