Thursday, December 30, 2010

It is still December right? Cause I just saw Cupid

Rite Aid
  • 4 Pilot EZ Touch Pens $1.83 each ($2.29 reg price, 20% Wellness discount) and got back two $4 UP's ($4 WYB 2) = $0.68 profit
  • 2 Tugaboos Diapers $0.79 each ($0.99 reg price, 20% Wellness discount), used two $1 coupons (found inside package) = $0.42 profit *Count towards Buy & Save promo
  • 2 Harvard Square Pencils $0.79 each ($0.99 reg price, 20% Wellness discount) and got back $2 UP (WYB 2, deal valid until 1/22) = $0.42 profit
  • 8 Progresso Soups $1.50 each, used two $1 off 4 coupons (11/14 or 12/5 GM) and got back eight $1 UP's = $2 or $0.25 each *Count toward Buy & Save promo
  • 4 1/2 Foot Christmas Tree $9.99 ($19.99 reg price, 50% off sale)
  • Used $5 off $25 coupon, twenty $1 UP's and $3 UP, total was $1.14
How cute is this tree? As I was poking around the display, the most adorable little girl comes right up to me and goes "HI!!" I grinned and said hello back to her. Her mom was checking out the Valentine's Day decorations (yes you heard me, VALENTINES DAY!) in the same aisle and she carefully watched me as I chose my tree. She gave me a huge grin when I put it in my cart, so I assume she approved. So cute.


Courtney said...

Girl the BX at our base had Valentine's stuff out on Christmas Eve!! lol

Sheila said...

You finally bought the soup!!! I thought it was the best deal this week as you pay nothing OOP and still earn the Resolution Reward!

frugalsuz said...

Seriously? That's ridonkulous.

I didn't have the Video Values coupon (haven't gotten around to watching them yet) so it cost me $1 for four, but that's not bad at all. Plus with the cold I'm getting, soup sounds pretty good right about now.