Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm gonna die!! Agnes is so friggin cute! I was debating whether or not I wanted to get Despicable Me and then saw the deal at CVS this week. I have a bunch of soon to be expiring EB's so I figured I'd pick up a copy. DBF and I saw DM in a nearly empty theater with a dad and his two little kids. We laughed harder than the kids did! If you haven't seen it, its definitely worth watching. I dare you not to crack up at the minions! I can't get enough of their laughs.
  • $15 iTunes gift card
  • Despicable Me DVD $9.99 (only at this price when you buy a $15 iTunes gift card)
  • $10 CVS gift card
  • Andes mints $2 (these are safely tucked away in my desk at work for nibbling)
  • Used $4 EB and $7.98 EB, total was $25.85
Will submit for a $5 Coors NBPR rebate (WYB $25 of gift cards). My receipt printed a $10 coupon for Despicable Me, so if you don't want to buy the movie right away, you can use the coupon to get the sale price later on.

On another card, I got:
  • Complete Contact Solution (12 oz) $9.99, got back $9.99 EB (monthly deal, limit 1) = FREE
  • Used $0.99 EB, $1 EB and $6.99 EB, total was $1.71
  • Doorknob hanger decoration (yes, I crossed his legs - adorable, yes?) $5.99 - will use this in my Secret Santa present for work
  • Turbie Twist hair towel $4.99 - for $4.99, I'll give this a whirl
  • Stamps $8.80
  • Used $4.84 EB ($4.95 adjusted down), $6.99 EB and $7.95 EB, total was $0.77
  • Goody Hair Elastics $2, got back $2 RR = FREE
  • Stamps $8.80
  • 9 Scotch bubble mailers $0.39 each with in-circular coupon
  • Used $5 RR and $8 RR, total was $1.70


Courtney said...

Turbie Twist is awesome! My mother in law got me one 2 years ago. I love it.

frugalsuz said...

Oh good! I'm gonna try it out this weekend and see how I like it.

Sunny simple life said...

Do you have any problems with buying stamps with ECBs or Wags bucks?

Missourimommy said...

I have to agree...Despicable Me is the FUNNIEST movie I've seen in a long time!! I so wish I had a CVS close to me! :(

Sheila said...

Is the $5 Coors NBPR rebate (WYB $25 of gift cards) good in NY too?

I saw the $50 GC, not the $25 one.

frugalsuz said...

Sunny simple life,
I've only ever had an issue once. But since the EB's and RR's say they exclude stamps, if the cashier questions it, they have every right to not let you use them. But they go through without any beeps. I usually buy other items with my stamps.

DBF and I watched it today and it was just as funny as I'd remembered.

Yup, it is! Hopefully you're able to find some on ebay. :)

momof2gr8tgirls said...

I got the movie for my daughters birthday and watched it last night and laughed so hard at the minions. Agnes is just too too cute.