Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Does anyone else dread organizing coupon inserts? Ugh, this mess has been sitting on my coffee table for a week or so now, and it was driving me crazy.
Ahh, that's much better. Here's the method I use to organize my inserts each week.

What a day. I had to do some interviews today for an AA position we're trying to fill. I mentioned before that I'm going to be transferring campuses soon, so I did the interviews along with the Dean I'm going to be replacing. We're good friends, so we chatted about the resumes and what we wanted to ask before the interviews started. It amazes me in this job market how sloppy people can be on their resumes! I will admit that I have high standards and I'm looking for a strong candidate to work in my department. The position involves writing letters, keeping databases up to date, checking records, etc. In short, detail-oriented work, so I expect your resume to be error-free. When I see things like "19940" instead of "1994" or three different font sizes on the same resume (and I'm not talking about making your name bold, I'm talking three different job tasks, three different sizes), its not encouraging. We also received resumes from former students, which I think is great. If you loved your experience with us enough to want to come back and work here, fabulous! But please don't list that you received a BA from us when that's not even a degree that we award.

During our interviews, we mentioned how I'm going to be moving into this position shortly and the current Dean is moving to another campus. It does not bode well to congratulate her on her upcoming transfer and ignore the person that would soon be your supervisor if you were to get the job. Also, probably not a good idea to ramble on and on so that your interviewers barely have a chance to ask any questions. Or tell us that you already know what the position entails, even though we haven't discussed it yet. Probably also shouldn't neglect to mention on your resume that you're working for the college already and then blame the omission on the gal whose helping you with your resume. Sigh. The interviews continue next week and I really hope we find some great applicants.

Until then, all I have to say is, DERP!


The Coupon Goddess said...

I hate organizing inserts which is one of the reasons I order my coupons. I'm lazy! Your job sounds like a lot of work. Good luck with the applicants! Sounds like you'll need it!

Valerie said...

Ha Ha Ha! I hate clipping! I have 2 large bags and one back full of coupons I have to clip this week. So not looking forward to it.The picture is hilarious!



Stephanie said...

Nice surprise to see Sookie Stackhouse on your blog...haha!!

frugalsuz said...

Some days its not so bad, but I just wasn't feeling like doing it. At least they're all pretty now! Thanks for the good luck wishes, we definitely could use them!

Isn't it funny? The whole website cracks me up.

LOVE Sookie! I prefer the books to the show though. The show is almost like watching something totally different, the plot hardly sticks to the books at all.

Stephanie said...

Ya, the books are better but I'm liking the way he is steering the show. Stirs things up a bit!