Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not for the Faint of Heart

READER BEWARE - continue at your own risk. Extreme Walgreens shopping ahead...
UPDATE - the Bayer monitors and Bayer Quick Crystals are on sale and producing RR's all month long (until 5/30). So no need to be a nutcase like me and buy them all in one day. Oops!

The weather this weekend was very summer-y. Its only April and it got to around 90 degrees on Sunday! Saturday was beautiful and my boyfriend and I took a drive to New Hope, PA. Its an adorable town with lots of cute little stores to poke into. I picked up this bamboo windchime for only $15 and I love the way it sounds. Its so soothing. We also let the kitties out on the balcony for a while. They absolutely love being out there but I have to keep a close eye on them. Mousse tends to poke his head through the slots to see what's going on outside and I'm so nervous that he'll slip and fall. DBF and I ate dinner out on the balcony and the cats amused themselves (and us) by chasing down bugs and leaves. Mousse definitely doesn't look too happy in the pic above does he?

We also took my car in to have my brakes looked at. Turns out I needed new front brakes and rotors, rear shoes, a new hub bearing and a new tire because the damaged hub bearing was ripping into it. I also got an oil change. The total? $1,022.72.! There goes the savings again. Sigh. At least I have the money in savings to pay for it. And hey, I'm getting back a $10 rebate for the oil change. Every little bit helps, right?

Don't say I didn't warn you I'd be pulling out the crazy coupon lady hat this week. Not only did I pull it out, I wore it with pride.

Sunday was Shadow's birthday. DBF thinks she's three years old and we celebrated by taking her to a new dog park we found. It was about 90 degrees and she got tuckered out pretty fast, but I think she had fun. She made friends with another dog and was intrigued by a bunch of Corgies. We think she thought they were puppies.

DBF also let me drive his pickup truck. Its a pretty big change from my little Honda, but I managed not to hit anything or side-swipe anyone. Hooray!
Ok, here it comes...I warned you! TA DA!!!!
Let's get this over with real quick: CVS - bought 7 papers at $2 each, used $6 EB and $7.98 EB, total was $0.02

Now for the main attraction...Walgreens! Let me just announce to the world now that my wonderful boyfriend is a saint. He bought a whole slew of these monitors for me and never griped or complained one bit. :) Here was our gameplan - we checked out the pharmacy section first and if they had some, we'd each buy two monitors (separately though so we'd get the RR for each). Then we discovered many stores ALSO had the monitors outside the pharmacy with the diabetes products. We'd grab a couple and check out with these in the front of the store.

So here's what we bought: Bayer Contour/Breeze 2 monitor $14.99, used freebie coupon (10/26 or 2/1 RP or 3/22 SS) and got back $5 RR = $5 profit
  • 8:49 AM - Store #1 - bought six
  • 9:26 AM - Store #2 - bought four
  • 10:25 AM - Store #3 - bought five
  • 10:42 AM - Store #4 - bought four
  • 10:56 AM - Store #5 - bought four
  • 3:58 PM - Store #6 (we took a big lunch break and went to pick up Shadow) - bought three

So all in all, we bought 26 monitors today and earned a $5 RR for each. I don't pay any tax on these, so its a pure moneymaker deal for me. That's a $130 profit! I really think this is the best Walgreens deal ever!

I'm going to donate these monitors to food pantries and senior centers so they'll all be put to use. I have about 10 more coupons to use up, and then I'm going to focus on spending these RR's.

Oh and FYI, since I used a coupon to pay for the monitors, I won't be sending away for the Try Me Free rebates in the box. I've heard from many folks that their rebates were denied if they used a coupon.


Lillie said...

(eyebrows near the ceiling, bottom jaw on the floor) holy meters, batman!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Great deal!!

Just curious, do you still get to submit these for the rebates??

Angie.. said...

wow- Thats a awesome wags trip! where did u get all those coupons- i hve 1 coupon that i plan on useing.

ThriftyPuppy said...

Okay, I was expecting you to go crazy with that deal and outdo me again....but, wow! You go, girl! *lol* I only found 14 so far and have 1 coupon left.

BTW, I linked back to your post on my blog at

annathy03 said...

W. O. A. H. Fortunately, I was sitting down when I read this post.

Shelly said...

Wow! I felt great getting one, I can't imagine that many. Too bad I don't have any more Qs!

spaghetti0625 said...

You are too funny girl :)

Leah W said...


frugalsuz said...

LOL, maybe I should rename the post!

Since the receipt will show I used a coupon for $14.99 and didn't pay anything for the monitor, I highly doubt I'd get anything back for the rebate. But if you're out of coupons, you could buy one, get the RR and send in for the rebate.

Thanks! I bought a bunch off ebay and a wonderful friend sent me a whole other set.

Oh cool, I'll definitely take a look.

Guess I should have added that to the disclaimer, huh? :)

You should feel great for getting one. Its an awesome deal, no matter how many times you do it.

spaghetti and Leah,
Thanks! :)

Amiyrah said...

so, you can buy 2 at a time and still get 2 RRs to print? I was wondering this yesterday when I got my two...I got them at 2 different stores because I thought that the RR wouldn't print if I bought 2 at a time.

frugalsuz said...

I wish. You have to buy them all individually. If you bought 2 at once, you'd only get one RR.

Debtfreemommy said...

how sad is it that i only have 3 of these coupons...urgh! ive been behind on my hounding :/
great deals

Karen said...

Wow, I'm always amazed at your ability to put together deals, but this one was over the top!

If you have a chance, could you do a post that shows how you organize and shop with your q's? Do you take a whole binder into the store with you, or keep them in the car? I'm getting overwhelmed and figured that you'd have some great advice.

Thanks!! I look forward to reading ur blog every nite :-)

frugalsuz said...

That's not sad, that's a $15 profit woman! There's no rule that you have to shop as much as I do, any bit helps. :)

Sure, I was thinking about doing a post on that anyway. Comin' right up!