Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally Got Around to the Aveeno

I know, its Thursday already, what was I waiting for? (hehe)

CVS - shamelessly copied this deal from Rebecca - thanks! :)
  • 6 Aveeno body washes $6 each, used two $10 off 3 coupons and 2 Aveeno lotions $7 each, used two $2 coupons and got back $20 EB ($10 EB WYB $25 worth of Aveeno, Limit 3)
  • 2 Lumene wipes $2.99 each, used two $5 CRT's = $4.02 profit
  • Used $10 off $50 coupon, $2.89 EB, $4.99 EB and $5 EB, total was $0.72, overall profit $8

Walgreens - bought these yesterday and didn't see the 15% Earth Day discount and free bag coupon until after I'd shopped. I really didn't feel like going back to the store to buy anything else or get an adjustment (I doubt they would have done it anyway) so I left it at this.

  • Edge Energy Shaving Gel $2.99, got back $3 RR = FREE
  • Used $2 RR, total was $1.20

Rinse and repeat.

Reminder - this is the last week to do the month long RR deals and April rebates. They're only good until 4/25.


Kimmie said...

I thought the $10 off 3 products could only be used on Aveeno positively agless products? I haven't done the Aveeno deal yet because thos eline of products are so expensive!

Angie.. said...

We were only limit 1 of the aveeno products per card. was it your store that said limit 3 my paper said 1 also.i ended up getting 2 deals useing my moms card.I still have a 10.00/3 and a few other coupons im dyeing to

frugalsuz said...

Technically yes, so its up to your store whether they'll accept the coupon on any old Aveeno product.

I know the circular said limit 1, but people have been posting all week that it was more than one so I gave it a shot. Sure enough, I did the deal twice and it doesn't say limit reached. Check your receipt from your first purchase to see if it says Limit Reached on the bottom. If not, go for it! :)

Precious said...

Great shopping! Thanks for the reminder on that rebates!

annathy03 said...

Fun! I gave my Q's to my roomies (who have sensitive skin), but you did so good! Not sure I could have resisted if I'd gotten a $/$$ CRT.

Rebecca said...

Nice deal! Hehehe. Of course, my store would probably take coupons that said "issued on the planet Mars"

Angie.. said...

Thank you I tryed doing it again today and they said once again limit 1- but my receipt doesnt say limit was reached. I may try again at my reg store and see what happens it if doesnt work ill tell them i dont want the stuff then and show my old receipt.thanks.

toni.c said...

Not sure if you have a Shaws near you or not, but they have Kraft salad dressing 3@$5.00. With the $1.50 MFG coupons the come to $.50 for 3!!

Kathy said...

I know you did this 2 weeks ago, but by chance do you remember if the $10 off 3 Aveenos coupon beeped when you bought the body washes? I want to do this deal this week at CVS.