Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WAG'gin Like Crazy!

Song of the Day - Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go (can you guess what movie I have on in the background?? hehe)
I'm still waiting for a February WAG's rebate to clear and for my gift cards to reload, but the deals were just too good to pass up this week. The Dove deal is very YMMV (your management may vary) since the in-circular coupon says Limit 3. The register will take the discount off for as many as you buy, but a cashier may question it and be perfectly legit about not letting you buy all eight.

Walgreens - store 1
  • 8 Dove bars $0.99 with in-circular coupon (scans 8 x automatically) and got back $10 RR = $2.08 profit
  • Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion (10 oz.) $2.69, used $1.50 coupon (1/18 RP) and got back $2 RR = $0.81 profit
  • Colgate Max Toothpaste $3.29, used $0.50 coupon (2/22 SS) and got back $3.50 RR = $0.71 profit
  • Sambucol $12.99, used $4 coupon and $10 WAG coupon (give second, in March Easy Saver book) = $1.01 profit ($13.99 in some stores, would be free at that price)
  • Blink Tears Eye Drops $7.99, used $2 coupon (3/1 SS) and got back $8 RR = $2.01 profit
  • Total was $17.85 (ouch!), overall profit $5.65

Store 2

  • 8 Dove bars $0.99 with in-circular coupon (scans 8 x automatically) and got back $10 RR = $2.08 profit
  • Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion (10 oz.) $2.64, used $1.50 coupon (1/18 RP) and got back $2 RR = $0.86 profit
  • Colgate Max Toothpaste $3.29, used $0.50 coupon (2/22 SS) and got back $3.50 RR = $0.71 profit
  • Used $8 RR from transaction one, total was $4.54, overall profit $2.96

Store 3

  • Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion (10 oz.) $2.84, used $1.50 coupon (1/18 RP) and got back $2 RR = $0.66 profit
  • Scotch bubble mailer $2.19 - come on WAGs! Give me a three for $1 sale on these, puuuuhleeeze!!
  • Used $3.50 RR from previous transaction, total was $0.38

Store 3 - trans 2

  • $30 WAG gift card, paid for with two $15 Olay rewards cards I got from a rebate

Store 1 after work - now they were out of the Blink, Sambucol, Dove and Vaseline - damn!

  • Colgate Max Toothpaste $3.29, used $0.50 coupon (2/22 SS) and got back $3.50 RR = $0.71 profit
  • Axe shampoo $5.99, will receive $6.59 ($5.99 + 10%, ESR #1) = $0.60 profit
  • 3 Whatchamacallit candy bars $0.50 each (fillers)
  • Used $10 RR, total was $1.04 - paid with gift card I bought using Olay cards

I really thought the Axe was $6.99, which plus the Colgate would have been right around $10. In retrospect, I should have picked up another free after rebate item, but I was tired and wanted to go home.


  • Carnation Instant Breakfast $4.99, use $0.75 coupon (Jan. All You magazine) and get back $4.99 EB (Limit 1) = $0.75 profit
  • 2 Act Total Care (Trial Size) mouthwashes $0.99 each, got back $1.98 EB (Limit 2) = FREE
  • Slimquick Energy Shot (2 pack) $4.99, get back $4.99 EB (Limit 1) = FREE
  • Powerade $1.79, used freebie coupon = FREE
  • Stamps $8.40
  • Used $2 EB, $2.99 EB, $4 EB and $9.98 EB, total was $0.64

Store 2 - DBF's card

  • Carnation Instant Breakfast $4.99, got back $4.99 EB (Limit 1) = FREE
  • Used $2 EB and $2.99, total was zero

Guess what I got in the mail today? My free Priority boxes from the Post Office! :)


annathy03 said...

What promotion has the Dove bars producing a $10 RR for 8 of them? I don't want to get the RR and "roll" it into the wrong thing! Also, I'm totally flattered to be on your blog list!

Lisa B. said...

I am so irritated with my wag's right now. They were out of the clorox refills and wands last week. I'm afraid if I make the trip they will be out of the dove soap too. :( I can't wait for the new store to open that will be closer to me.

Tiffany said...

You got some great deals!!! We are heading out today and I'm hoping I can find some of this stuff in stock.

Splatter said...

Geez! How unaware am I? I never even notice, till now! that you said I rock :) I'm glad you've got your boxes. I figured free ones from the post office must be better than buying bubble envelopes all the time. I think you can actually order priority mail envelopes too.... I love your blog, its already helped me save tons so I'm more than happy to return the favor!

frugalsuz said...

The Dove deal is a monthly deal, but its great this week because of the coupon in the circular making the soap $0.99. You could probably roll the RR's into any other deal except Dove and be fine. Your blog looks great! :)

Ugh, that's annoying. I hate when stores are out of stock, but what are you gonna do?

I'm hoping to do some more WAGs this week. I'll give them a chance to restock, lol.

lol, no problem. The free boxes are definitely great! Some items that I ship are super light and I end up better off using a bubble mailer and shipping them first class. But come to think of it, when I factor in the cost of the mailer itself, it would probably be cheaper with Priority. Ugh! Thanks, I'm glad you've found my blog useful!! :)

Lacy said...

Wow thanks so much for the Wags MM's!!!!!!

I was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange. My husband and I run a coupon board called weusecoupons.com.

I don't see a blog button on your site, and he makes them for free!!!

Anyways, thanks for the Money Makers. Shopping for profit is a great way to shop!!!

Let me know if you'd like to exchange links or have my hubby create a button for you!!!

Sarah said...

How do you get the free boxes? I could DEFINITELY use those when it comes time to mail off textbooks!

BTW - check out my blog. CVS has strawberry boost on clearance for $2.50

Precious said...

Very nice shopping trip! Great use of the Olay Rewards cards. I turned mine into a CVS. It was so much easier than having to watch the balance and figure out how to spend the last bit.

Walgreens seems to take longer and longer now to put the money on the cards.UGH! Well at least they haven't cancelled the program yet which a manager at Walgreens is a possiblity that Walgreens is looking at.

Savings Garden said...

I went this morning and bought 8 of the trial size dove deodorants for $.99 each. Used (3 that's all I had)$1.50/2 from the 1/18 RP, paid $3.42 OOP and got a $10 RR!! This should also work on trial size Dove bar soaps if you can't find the full size ones.


frugalsuz said...

I'm going to pass for now, but thanks for thinking of me.

I can't believe I never knew this either! You can get free Priority boxes right in the post office or order them from their website. They even deliver them for free! Just keep in mind that Priority rates can be high. For textbooks, I usually wrap them in brown mailing paper and mail with the Media Mail rate which is cheaper. I guess maybe you could turn the box inside out though.

Ugh, I know! I finally got the last of my rebates to clear and I've requested my money be reloaded. We'll see how long it actually takes this month.

Savings Garden,
I saw that deal somewhere else and I'm itching to try it! I didn't get a chance to do any shopping yesterday so I'm hoping to hit up a WAG on my way home. Thanks for the reminder!

Lee W. said...

Empire Records?

frugalsuz said...

Are you for serious? ;) Bourne Identity, silly! The video has a picture of the delicious Matt Damon.