Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The First Time I've Bought Hand Soap in Ages

CVS - this deal is in next week's circular, but I read on HCW that the EB's are printing now.
  • Softsoap Ensembles hand soap pump $7.99, used $2 coupon (3/22 SS) and $2 CVS coupon from Reinventing Beauty magazine
  • Softsoap Ensembles hand soap refill $3.99
  • Got back $4 EB for buying two (Limit 3 - six items total) and will submit for $4 rebate WYB pump and refill = FREE
  • Used $5 EB, total was $2.98

I had tried to use the $1 coupon for the refill (3/22 SS) as well but it beeped. I'm not really sure why! Both $2 coupons that I used were for the pump, not the refill, so I have no idea why the refill coupon didn't work.

UPDATE - I figured it out! The UPC codes for the refill and the pump both start with the same 5-6 numbers. When the cashier scans a coupon, the register looks to match the first set of numbers on the coupon with the first set of numbers on the item. Since both items had the same code, it applied the first $2 coupon to the pump and the second $2 coupon to the refill.

I found the rebate form in A&P a couple weeks ago and other folks on HCW have reported they've found them in supermarkets. The rebate is good until 12/31/09, so you could buy the pump and refill now and save the UPC's and receipt until you actually find the form.

I also had read on iheartcvs that in some areas, the limit on the Crest Pro Health Enamel toothpaste had gone up to two. I bought the toothpaste in addition to this stuff but I did not receive an EB for it, so I'm going to return it.


Emily said...

I read also that the RIB coupon for the pump is actually an MC, not a CVS Q. Sometimes they are, like the ones for sally hansen, but my stores don't have the new RIB so I haven't seen them. I'm sure the coding would allow it to work for either the pump or the refill, but only 2 Qs would work for the 2 items.

I'm hoping I can find that rebate form...this deal would help we work up to a $5/30 if I get one this weekend :)

Tanya said...

I think Emily is right about the CVS one being a mannie. The numbers are the exact same and it states on the coupon from the Reinventing Beauty mag to mail to Colgate-Palmolive to receive reimbursement.

They raised the limit on the Crest here. Sorry they didn't in your area :(

frugalsuz said...

I was wondering if it was a CVS vs. manu coupon. Oh well, I'll settle for free!

Its not like I need any more toothpaste, so its ok. I just hate doing returns! I should have bought the Softsoap first and checked my receipt before buying the Crest.