Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm an Awful Person

Dear Delightful Downstairs Dweller,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you deeply for alerting me to perils of my loud-livin' ways. You are absolutely right. How dare I think it would be appropriate for me to invite my two sisters over on a Friday night and stay up to the ludicrous hour of 11:30 pm watching a movie? I agree, it was simply rude beyond belief of me to then put away my laundry at midnight. Afterall, its a Friday night! Everyone knows that Friday nights are to be spent in quiet meditation and reflection. And let's not forget about how much noise that darn'd laundry can make! Goodness, you were quite right to complain to me about it. And I cannot believe that I would have the audacity to actually walk around my apartment at that late hour. Afterall, its not like I pay to live there like you do. Thank goodness I didn't have the radio or tv on too!

And thank you for alerting me to your unfortunate work hours that require you to get up at 6 am. Obviously my Friday night antics would greatly disturb your ability to get up that early on Monday morning. And don't worry, it doesn't bother me one bit that I'm awakened early every morning when you open your garage door. I love that noise! From now on, when I arrive home late at night, I will plop myself down on my couch and use my go-go-gadget arms to reach everything in my apartment. Afterall, I'd hate to walk around and disturb your beauty sleep!

Here's an idea - maybe we should see if we could switch apartments that way you'd be on the top floor! Although, since you're obviously such a light sleeper, I would think that would have occured to you before you chose to live in a bottom apartment. Maybe there wasn't an option for a top floor available in any of the 50+ buildings in the complex. That must be it.

And I sincerely appreciate you trying to soften the blow of your complaints with an invitation to your self-described "quiet and tasteful" party. Since I'm in the middle of covering my apartment floors with pillows, I will unfortunately be far too busy to attend.

Mea culpa.




princess210 said...

Fabulous! I love it! I live in an upstairs apartment and therefore have always been aware of how loud I am at certain times. However, sometimes there is only so much that you can do!

Jenny said...

It's funny, but I just got the same complaint from my downstairs lady, but at least she did have a reason to do so. My Midnight is like a tornado at home and managed to knock very heavy chair down at 3am and crashing sound was like a bomb explosion. I do feel bad for her :( but there is not much I can do to contain my pets as they are nocturnal.

Amiyrah said...

Don't you guys have guidelines in your leases? Ours says that we do have "quiet" hours monday through thursday, but weekends are pretty much fair game. It's also not a rule, it's something that they "suggest."

Tell the jerk to complain to the rental office...I'm quite sure he'll be too embarassed to do that, once he realizes the day and time the "incident" occured.

We're downstairs dwellers too, and yes, our neighbors make lots of noise, but we don't pay their rent. And just like your neighbor, we had an option of getting an upstairs apartment. Maybe you should send him a "movie night warning" next time lol.

Neighbors like that really do get me angry >:-(

frugalsuz said...

Exactly! I will admit I am loud sometimes, but everyone can be. You can't expect me to not walk around in my apartment. Just because you're in bed early doesn't mean I am.

I suspect my cats are part of the problem too. Once I go to sleep, they're pretty quiet but those couple of hours beforehand - they run around and chase each other like maniacs! Mousse knocked something over last night and they are always jumping down from high things, which makes a bit of noise. Sorry dude, cats will be cats.

I'm not sure about official quiet hours. I think I may call the rental office just to make sure I'm not technically doing anything wrong. I'm not giving that guy any warnings! lol He can just get over himself. :) (imitating suziQ's mean face today)

Precious said...

Wow! This is why we only lived in an apartment for 22 months and couldn't wait to get into our own home. :-) I abhorred apt. living.

Jamie said...

I love your letter! Ha! Maybe you should think about leaving him a copy of it :)

Oot-N-Aboot said...

Frugalsuz....LOL...How dare you watch a movie and do your laundry in your own home?...LOL...I used to work graveyard shift for 11 years, and I owned several pairs of earplugs to preserve my sanity on lawn care days!! And roommates boys who had a "Batcave" outside my door!! LOL

Shelly said...

Remember that earthquake that happened in the midwest last April? Well, i was in the basement when it happened and thought it was my cats running around! Eight cats on the run = earthquake!

frugalsuz said...

I'm pretty sick of apartment living too. My last neighbor was a former drug addict and was always getting into some kind of trouble. Her sugar-daddy boyfriend finally stopped paying the rent and there were eviction notices on her door. The cops kept looking for her too, and I often had to let them into the building (there's one main door that leads into a hallway with the apartment doors for a bunch of us). She would never answer the door though! Such drama.

haha, I did think about it, but I probably won't. In real life, I'm really hate confrontations, especially when you have to see the person again. I'll just keep living my life and ignore his nonsense.

I jokingly thought of getting him a pair of earplugs, but I'm not wasting any of my money on him. LOL!

Oh man, I can believe it! My two kitties make such a commotion sometimes! I'm sure that sounds horrible from downstairs, but oh well.

spaghetti0625 said...

HAHA, I have VERY loud walkers above me, and I hate it so much! They tore out their carpets so it's all hardwood, so even if they were to tiptoe (I wish!) I'd still hear them. All the paintings we have on our wall are always crooked b/c they walk like cows. Our ceiling fan is about to fall out b/c of the way they stomp around. They are not 'big' ppl, but they are loud. I deal with it, however, when it gets too loud, I listen through the walls since a few months ago we had to call the police. It really seemed as if they were going to fall through our ceilings. Turned out, he was beating the crap out of her. So when it gets too loud, I'm always worried that he's beating her again :(

frugalsuz said...

Oh jeez, that's not good! My previous neighbor was in her 30's and was dating an older gent probably 60 something. One day I heard her fighting with him (nothing out of the ordinary) but then she starts really yelling. He tried to leave and she was choking him! He starts yelling for help and another one of my neighbors and I called the cops. When they came, she changed her story and said he was beating HER up! I couldn't believe it. I was very happy when she moved out.

Simplysara said...

I like your letter. I think it is impossible not disturb your neighbors when you live in an apartment. I used to live next door to a guy who was a navy seal and managed to attract a great deal of women, whom he'd often entertain in the shower, which shared a wall with my bedroom. Unfortunately, he liked very, very long showers and he and his "lady friends" were extremely enthusiastic (and possibly acrobats). But I never felt I could complain because one time after a date, the date came back and pounded on my door for about 20 minutes wanting to "sleep on my couch" and finally Mr. Navy Seal guy came out on the porch with a gun and told the date that I probably would have answered the door if I had wanted to let him in. I still had a hard time not calling all the pet names I heard during his "special showers"

frugalsuz said...

LOL!! Acrobatics in the shower, you totally cracked me up! That was nice of him to stand up to that guy. :) I think that when you live in an apartment, you have to expect a certain amount of craziness. You have people living right on top of each other. My first neighbor stole my newspapers, my second used to blast music so loud my floor would vibrate and the last one was just crazy. I grumbled about it to myself, but never said anything to them. I lived with it. Although, I probably should have said something to the newspaper stealer -- but he was really old so I cut him some slack. lol

spaghetti0625 said...

Wow, I think they read my blog (the nasty neighbors upstairs) b/c yesterday it was an all out stompfest up there! DH was just about to bang the broom on the ceiling, it got pretty bad. Then, new neighbors moved in across the way, and they were so loud outside at like 9pm. They were yelling and screaming and it sounded like the mother was hitting the young kid in the truck! By time I got my slippers on and went outside, the younger kid was already inside. We thought it was the girl yelling upstairs! LOL. DH thinks that it was the girl upstairs beating on the guy! She has a VERY bad attitude, like the one day when they first moved in, I was on my couch with the patio door open. She came right up to MY bushes to talk to her boyfriend, who was on the balcony right above my patio. So she walks up, looks right at me, so I say 'hello' and she just gives me a nasty look with her eyes and eyebrows, then looks up and is like 'Hey baby, whatcha doing?" Okay, if that's how you wanna be......But when I hear them banging and I listen to the wall, it's always HERE flipping out and him saying 'calm down' Weird...LOL

frugalsuz said...

Wow, she sounds like a peach! lol

Precious said...

Oh, the trials and tribulations of apartment living. We have leasing rules here that say no noise after 10pm. To be honest, I can't wait to get moved into our new home.