Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh Dear...What an Evening

UPDATE - in order to cancel a transaction, the buyer has to agree to cancel it. I sent him a message giving him the chance to cancel, and he sent me payment. UGH! So I guess I'll ship everything out to him, I don't think I have a choice really at this point.

A little bit of deals, a little bit of huh? and a little bit of grr...just call me your everything girl!
  • Mott's Applesauce (6 pack) $1.69, used $1 Target coupons and $0.55 coupons = $0.14
  • 5 Quaker True Delights granola bars $2.50 each, used five $1 coupons (or 3/1 RP, can print oodles and oodles!) and got back $5 Target gift card = $2.50 or $0.50 each
  • Total was $7.64

Second Transaction - had my sister buy these so I didn't roll this gift card

  • Mott's Applesauce (6 pack) $1.69, used $1 Target coupons and $0.55 coupons = $0.14
  • 5 Quaker True Delights granola bars $2.50 each, used five $1 coupons and got back $5 Target gift card = $2.50 or $0.50 each
  • Total was $7.64

Third transaction

  • 5 Quaker Rice Cakes snack bags $2 each, used five $1 coupons (1/18 RP) and got back a $5 Target gift card = FREE
  • Used $5 gift card to pay, total was 0

Now here, I had the gift card I was using to pay and the gift card I was receiving both on the counter. I forgot to pick up the new one and left the store without it! I'm going to call tomorrow and see if they can do anything. Sigh

NEVERMIND - found it! It was stuck between two of the True Delights boxes. DUH!!!


  • 2 No Yolk Egg Noodles 4 for $5 (on sale until 3/26), used two $0.75 coupons = FREE


  • Baked Lays $3, used $1 coupon (3/8 RP) = $2
  • Used $1.98 EB, total was $0.02

This finished out the OJ deal I'd started the other day so I got back a $5 EB

I got this beauty in the mail today from NeilMed. I really have no idea why. Umm, NeilMed? How's about that rebate check I sent in for? I'd really rather prefer that over a weird little squirt bottle. K?

Do you ever have an interaction with someone and it just totally drains you of all your energy? Sigh. Let me tell you about a lovely gent I've been "ebaying" with. He won an auction for one of my items on 2/23. I sent him an invoice to pay that day. No response. On 2/27, he sends me this lovely email:

"Just awaiting to see if on the last day when i bid if i win these thn I will pay for my item(s) thnks"

Just in case you had any trouble deciphering that lovely bit o' English, he was bidding on another item I had listed and basically was delaying his payment on the first item. He didn't ASK if this was ok, just said he was doing it. Sigh, but whatever. I move on with my life. That auction ends and he does not win. Still no payment from him. I then sent him another invoice on 3/7. He then bids on and wins ANOTHER one of my auctions. I sent him a combined invoice with both items on 3/9. Nothing. (surprise, surprise)

On 3/19, he emails me saying "Where do I sendmoney order please?"

I wrote him back saying that I do not accept money orders as per ebay's policy. I also mentioned it was rude and inconsiderate for him to delay payment this long (original auction ended 2/23, its now 3/19). I was a little ticked and I probably could have worded it better, but I really didn't care at this point.

Are you ready for this? Guess what he wrote back saying??

"I am very sorry but you had told me previously a postal money order would do. That is very rude t take it back especially when I begged for the address. I will get a prepaid ebay card and then you can forget about business with me and hundreds of others a I will spread the word on all my blogs showing them every message I sent you and how you say one thing then another. Payment will be made tomorrow. You are rude telling me to pay postal MO then waiting so long and not providing address. I am deleting your other items I intended on purchasing. After this NO WAY. You are on the DO NOT bother list. Have a great day... And try some medication for that multiple personality disorder."

To be honest, I very well may have told him a money order was ok. This listing was one of the first that I did and I was a little rusty on ebay's policies. I really just don't remember since that would have been almost a month ago! I can't find an email either way. But hmm, I don't recall him "begging" for the address. Its not like he ever responded to any of the previous invoices I'd sent him with a request for my address. He could have reminded me what I'd said about the money orders, hmm...three weeks ago!! And I'm not sure what other items he's going to delete since I don't have anything current up for sale on ebay! Well, I'm off to the doctor now to medicate my multiple personality disorder. Guess I'll see you later folks!

Now I'm worried I'll send out this stuff to him and he'll claim it was damaged during shipping or not as advertised or some nonsense. Should I just cancel the transaction? I gave him that option in my last email to him. Ugh, people sometimes really tick me off.


Amanda said...

Wow! Multiple personality disorder and wild Friday night parties? Aren't you just a big hounding ball of fun?! ;)

Do you remember the cartoon Daria on MTV? My favorite line was "Even though you may be surrounded by idiots, don't forget: they're still idiots." Hang in there!

Amiyrah said...

lol! pass me some of those meds when ur done. what a d***!

Sarah said...

I would cancel the transactions and mark him as a non-payer if he continues this non-sense. If he takes it further you can present your side to eBay to get any negative feedback removed. Sometimes you get the weirdest people on there....ughghgh!

Cat said...

Thanks for the Acme egg noodle heads-up! I even got $0.25 overage at my store...and I hardly ever get overage at Acme.

I agree that you should cancel the transactions with that weird guy.

The Poor Folk Gourmet ;) said...

I would cancel, he sounds like more trouble than he is worth!

Tosha said...

OMG, my husband and I are dealing with a wack job right now from ebay.He is saying the item wasn't as described and was damaged in the mail, but wont cooperate with UPS to even allow them to inspect.He told them he was on vacation, then a week later emailed me saying he wouldn't tolerate being "ignored" any longer and that he had to cancel his vacation because the item we sold him.

good luck dealing with your Ebay freak:(

Angie said...

Weird eBayers suck!!! Just list him as a non-payer and relist!

Precious said...

I would definitely list him a non-payer and move on. YUCK!

frugalsuz said...

I love Daria! lol Thanks for making me feel better


I found out he has to agree to cancel the transaction so I don't think its that easy. Figures

I forgot to post that - I got overage too! I was so surprised. I picked up a bottle of Diet Coke to cover it.

That's what I'm afraid will happen with this guy!