Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too Tired for a Snappy Little Title

Here's the lowdown folks...two more days of insanity...sooooo tired...
  • CVS toilet paper 4 pack $3.29, used $3 Q = $0.29
  • CVS freezer bags $2.79 and clearanced gift tags $0.49, used $3 Q = $0.30
  • CVS plastic cups $2.79 and clearanced gift tags $0.49, used $3 Q = $0.30
  • CVS 6 pack water $2.99, two $0.50 bags of cough drops, used $3 Q and $1 EB (adjusted to $0.99) = 0
  • CVS garbage bags $4.79, used $3 Q and $1 EB = $0.85 (rinse and repeat)
  • CVS paper towels $3.49, used $3 Q = $0.49 (rinse and repeat)
  • 2 CVS sponges $2.49 each, small box of ziploc bags $1, used $3 Q and $2 EB = $1.05
  • 2 Absolute Divine cookies $2.50 each and trial size box q-tips, used two $1 CRT coupons and $3 Q = $0.50 *may not have needed the q-tips here but I was oh so tired and didn't want problems
  • CVS small legal pads $3.49, used $3 Q = $0.52
  • CVS plastic cups $2.79 and trial size box q-tips, used $3 Q = $0.31
  • 2 Essence of Beauty "hardcore" loofahs (cashier's description, lol) $2.99 each, second was 50% off, used $3 Q and $1 EB = $0.51
  • CVS 6 pack water $2.99, Reeses candy $0.79 and sponges $2.49, used $1 CRT coupon for water, $3 Q and $2 EB = $0.27
  • CVS garbage bags $4.79 and super cute gift bag (those are actual pom poms on the snowman's hat!) clearanced to $0.39, used $3 Q and $1 EB = $0.19


Lindsay said...

awesome!!!!!!! :) You amaze me!

And hey, don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!

Laurie said...

Holy CVS products!!

Miriam said...

I got that super-cute gift bag too! (Oh, and much of the other stuff as well. =) I think I may go into CVS withdrawl next week ... ~Curry

Sarah said...

Wait a second lady....did you do these all as separate transactions?

Melissa said...

umm didn't they say that those coupons are actually not good?

frugalsuz said...

Cool, I'll definitely do that. :)

I know - my stockpile is slowly being taken over by the CVS logo. lol

Not me! I'm so looking forward to not stepping in a CVS all week (other than on Sunday for my regular shopping). I think all the cashiers will be relieved not to see me as well! I've definitely worn out my welcome at this one store!

Yup, that's why I'm so tired! :) The most I did at any one store was two transactions. So I hit up stores before work, during my lunch hour and after work. yawn...

I haven't heard that anywhere. Its a coupon from a magazine or newspaper (can't remember) and you can print it directly from their website if you want to.

Cat said...

I am with Melissa on the CVS brand Q. I forget whose blog it was on, but someone had contacted CVS and the Beacon was not supposed to have put the print edition Q's in the online edition.

Not to be Debbie Downer or anything! You're probably OK since your stores haven't said anything yet, but I'm not comfortable using them myself.

frugalsuz said...

Ok, here's what I think about this $3 coupon - CVS did authorize this coupon to be released, and if they didn't want it to be put online, they should have handled that with the publisher. This coupon has been available for a couple weeks now. If CVS truly did not want people using this coupon, they would have sent some kind of memo out to their stores to not allow it. I think that if a store chooses honors the coupon, the couponer is not in the wrong. Afterall, this is a legitimate coupon that CVS produced. Just my two cents. I hope I haven't offended anyone.

Anonymous said...

I agree on your take on the Q. I was worried at first to use it over 2 or 3 times but there is not a limit on printing it from the website and if CVS didnt want to honor it they would have taken the code out of the system or caused it to beep when you use it. So far it a go.

*Im so glad you finally found those Glades but I havent found that type yet.

monacutest said...

hi frugalsuz,

does your $3 off cvs brand coupon scan or do cashiers push it thru for you? thanks!


Leah said...

I'm not sure what to think about the $3 coupon. I have heard that the coupon shouldn't be used, but if CVS really didn't want that coupon out there, they would have done something about it. It has been out for several weeks.

Maybe CVS wanted to give a preview of their CVS brand products...they did have the B1G1 50% off promotion too. I'm guilty of using the $3 coupon, however I think we are all just now finding out that we're not supposed to use the coupon (a little too late).

It's all a learning experience for the manufacturer and the consumer. But don't beat yourself up for using the coupon (I don't feel bad).

Leah said...

Oh, and I also read that there are free magazines in some CVS lobbies with the original $3 off CVS coupon. I don't know if it's true or not.

Savings Garden said...

Using the $3 off coupon is an interesting topic. I called CVS directly and they said it was their official policy not to accept printable CVS coupons unless they were emailed directly to you so I took the link down. I guess the coupon was made available for the paper's print version and then they put the paper online without blacking out the coupon. The coupon does state one per customer. CVS should take better steps to prevent this like only printing special coupons in their own circulars or something. Here is a link to Thrifty Mama about it.

The comments on the post are interesting.

frugalsuz said...

I found that if I used the cropped version of the coupon from iheartcvs, it scanned with no problem. The other versions didn't scan well, but I never had a problem. The cashiers just pushed them through for me.

I don't feel guilty using the coupon and I don't think anyone else should either. If CVS didn't want us using it, they would have taken it offline. I think the original copies of the $3 coupon are only in some areas.

Savings Garden,
Thanks for the link, some folks on the message boards were talking about her posts too.