Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nasogel Rebate

You know, I love rebates, but I really hate filling out all those darn'd forms! I spent a good chunk of time yesterday catching up on a bunch of rebates and now they're all set for the mailbox.

If you purchased the Nasogel spray at CVS, many folks are finding information inside about how to get a rebate. You don't have to send in any forms, so anyone can do the rebate. Here's the info:
$3 with purchase of one NeilMed product
$6 with purchase of two
$9 with purchase of three
To receive your manufacturer's cash rebate, please send your name, address,
phone number, email address and original UPC bar code along with a copy of your
receipt. You must reference code "0608 mail" on your request. Please
allow up to 90 days to receive the rebate check. Products must be
purchased before 3/31/09.
Mail to: Attn: Cash Rebate Offer
601 Aviation Blvd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403


Tracey C. said...

Thanks again for such great money saving information! I was going to forgo the nasogel, but with a coupon and rebate, I'll look for it. Thanks again! Warmth, Tracey C.

frugalsuz said...

You're very welcome!