Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh $3 Coupon, How I Love Thee

$3 CVS Coupon Countdown...only 5 more days to use this gem, unless you have 24 hour stores in your area. In that case, what are you doing reading my blog? Hound, dear friends...hound! :)

CVS #1 - the new manager here used to be a manager at my favorite store. He's just plain lazy. When the cashier showed him the 50% stickers on the Revlon, he scanned them again (as if that's gonna make a difference), messed around with another scanner and then proceeded to closely examine the 50% sticker itself as if he could gain some deep, meaningful understanding from its perky pink color and lovely round shape. Then he asked me to walk him over to where they were in the store. Doesn't he know where the makeup is in his own store? Couldn't he have done that after I left? Maybe he thought I carry a secret arsenal of pink 50% off stickers in my pocket to adhere to cosmetic items before I buy them. Sigh. I walked him over (him doing the "cool guy" shuffle slowly behind me) and showed him the oodles and oodles of makeup clearance in his own store. He then told the cashier to price adjust the items for me (couldn't he have done that in the first place?).

The last time he rang me up, he was chattin' up some younger cashier and the cashier actually said to him (after I'd been waiting at least a minute), "maybe you should go ring her up." There was a stool by the register and a bunch of papers on the counter (he was probably doing some kind of inventory work) and he actually sat on it to ring me up. I had to push the items closer to the scanner so he wouldn't have to go through the arduous task of reaching for them. One time (at the last store), I had a problem with an order and the cashier paged this guy from the back. He slowly walked to the front with a Hot Pocket and had the nerve to have the cashier ring him up BEFORE he helped me! He's not a nasty or mean guy, but man, I wish he'd gone to a store far, far away. :) Ok, rant over...on to the important stuff...what I got!
  • 2 Revlon nail polish double packs $5.99 each, 50% off so $3 each, used two $2 coupons (9/14 or 1/11 SS) = $2 for both - I was hoping these would still count for the BOGO sale, but no dice. A line was forming behind me at this point, so bought them and returned them at store #2.
  • CVS cotton squares $3.49, used $3 CVS brand coupon and got back $1 EB (hidden monthly deal, limit 5) = $0.51 profit
  • Soy Joy $6, got back $6 EB (hidden monthly deal, limit reportedly 10) = FREE
  • After doing the Revlon return, my total came to $4.41 profit

CVS #2: CVS 6 pack sparkling water $3.97, used $3 CVS brand coupon and got back $2 EB = $1.03 profit

Transaction 2: 2 packages CVS plastic cups $2.79 each, used $3 CVS brand coupon and $2 EB, total was $0.62

CVS #3: 2 boxes CVS brand cheese crackers (as far as I know, only the cheese ones produce EB's), $1.97 each, used $3 CVS brand coupon and got back $2 EB (hidden deal, limit at least 8) = $1.06 profit

CVS #4: 2 boxes CVS brand cheese crackers $1.97 each, used $3 CVS brand coupon and got back $2 EB (hidden deal, limit at least 8) = $1.06 profit

CVS #3 again

  • CVS apple juice $2.59
  • CVS brand cheese crackers, got back $1 EB (hidden deal, limit at least 8)
  • Used $3 CVS brand coupon, total was $1.56

CVS #5

  • 2 boxes CVS brand cheese crackers $1.97 each, used $3 CVS brand coupon and $1 off 2 CVS coupon and got back $2 EB (hidden deal, limit at least 8) = $2.06 profit
  • 3 boxes Soy Joy bars $6 each, used $3 off $10 coupon (1/4 SS) and got back $18 EB ($6 for each, hidden monthly deal, limit 10) = $3 profit
  • 2 Revlon nail polishes $4.99 each, BOGO sale, used $2 coupons (9/14 or 1/11 SS) and $2 CVS CRT coupon = $1.01 profit
  • Used $5.99 EB, $7.49 EB, total was $0.45, overall profit was $6.07

Transaction 2 - CVS 6 pack sparkling water $3.97, used $3 CVS brand coupon and got back $2 EB = $1.03 profit

Walgreens - stopped here to look for the Auto Expressions air fresheners - guess what I found?

  • 5 Garnier conditioners - clearanced to $2.19 each, used five $1 coupons (1/4 RP) and $2 WAG Easy Saver coupon (from monthly booklet, scanned 5x automatically) = $4.05 profit
  • Tostitos $3.79
  • WAG dried fruit $1
  • Total was $1.51

WAG #2 - new store opened in my area and they had $3 off $10 coupons in the circular

  • Dark and Lovely hair color $5, got back $5 RR = FREE
  • Revlon Matte Collection blush $9.99 (realized last night one I'd bought previously wasn't Matte Collection and didn't qualify for the rebate, will return that one), used $2 coupon (9/14 or 1/11 SS) and will get back $10.98 ($9.99 + 10% bonus, ESR #1) = $2.99 profit
  • Used $3 off $10 coupon, total was $10.83, overall profit was $5.15

Transaction 2:

  • 5 cases Diet Pepsi $15
  • 2 bags Tostitos $3.50 each, got back $10 RR for spending $20 on Pepsi/Frito products (monthly deal, can also spend $15 and get back $5 RR - weekly deal)
  • Used $5 RR from Dark and Lovely and $3 off $10 coupon and will submit for $15 in coupons Pepsi/Frito rebate, total was $14.84


toni.c said...

I am so jealous. The CVS near me sucks royally, well the people who work there do. I have to drive two towns over to hit a decent one where the people don't treat me like a thief. The closest Walgreens is 15 mins away..and the people there are just as bad. The store manager stopped me the other day and told me she wouldn't sell me more than 2 Garnier's. WHAT?? She said I was only supposed to get one since the coupon said one item per coupon. My response was, I have a few deal. I actually went today to get one more shampoo and I was actually followed...unbelievable!

Lillie said...

First of all, I love the comment under your caption! Oh, why do I have to sleep? I have a 24 hour CVS to shop!!! Also, I can commiserate with your lousy customer service story. I think Monday must be lousy customer service day at the local pharmacies. Good job on your hounding *sigh* I'm so jealous!!! lol. MississippiPT

Tracey C. said...

EXCELLENT shopping my dear! I am so impressed at your store stamina! I give up after 2 sometimes, but I feel energized and renewed and will hit my CVS stores with a vigor tomorrow!! Whoot! ;) Good job.

Tracey C.

Amiyrah said...

i'm giggling a little that you got the "dark and lovely" hair color :oP

I was wondering who would actually get it...but I forgot, you even got the bald guyz wipes lmbo!

I finally got to use the 3.00 coupon again today on the crackers. Now, I'll have to go back and get more...all 3 of us humans here like them much better than cheez-its!

Lindsay said...

VERY NICE SUZ!!! I wish I had 5 CVS's! :)

frugalsuz said...

That's crazy. I can't believe they followed you around the store! The coupon does say Limit One, so I guess technically the manager is right, but come on.

Sleep is for the weak! (says the gal with a killer headache because she's exhausted...YAWN!)

Believe me, I am definitely taking a hounding vacation next week when this coupon is expired. I am so tired!

Believe you me, I felt a little funny buying it, especially since I had to get some help to find it in the store! lol

Thanks! :)

Chicagolandia said...

That's amazing - makes me want to run back to my nearest CVS....again and aagain and again. Don't forget to look for the Essence of Beauty clearance stuff (clearanced for $3!)

Sarah said...

OMG, I can not get enough of this coupon! I am so sad that its ending soon :( I am going to hurry up & get all the MM this weekend & build up my bucks again.

There is a new 5/30 out:


frugalsuz said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll keep an eye out, but I've really been trying to focus on food and household items. I have enough lotion and beauty items to last me a year! :)

I'll be sad too, but at the same time, relieved. :) I saw that $5 off $30 coupon earlier, I wonder if it will beep? It looks like the ones that are emailed out to specific people and those sometimes aren't transferrable.