Monday, January 19, 2009

All Edibles

  • 4 bottles Skippy Peanut Butter $1.99 each, used two $0.75 off 2 coupons (11/16 or 1/18 RP)
  • 4 jars Ragu sauce $1.99 each, used four $0.25 coupons (11/16 or 1/18 RP)
  • Got back $10 RR for buying 8 Unilever items = $3.42 for all eight items = $0.42 each
  • 4 bags WAG shredded cheese $2 each - probably should have waited for another two for $3 sale, but what can I say? Some people splurge on jewelry, fancy cars, electronics...I splurge on cheese. :)
  • Used $10 RR (from Pepsi deal last week), total was $11.42 - paid with gift card

Rinse and repeat without using $10 RR, total was $21.42 - paid with gift card


  • 4 Pretzel Fills $1.84 each, used four $0.75 coupons = $0.34 each - had fourth box for dinner - could not fit all of these into the freezer!
  • 2 packages Thomas English Muffins $1.77 each
  • Entenmann's Donuts $1.77 - and no, these are not open. They could not possibly be open. I would never open a package of donuts pre-picture. Never, never, never. :)
  • Used $5 catalina, total was $1.62


Jamie said...

I actually wondered if you were going to buy more cheese when I saw it was on sale! LOL. I love those Pretzel Fills! Wish I could find some for $0.34!

Anonymous said...

Im dreading going to WAGS tomorrow. I didnt do this deal because of the one going on at bilo (the products were cheaper) but I didnt have Qs so i could have come out cheaper at WAGS because of the larger RR. I plan on going in tomorrow to try and grab some Ragu but I doubt they will have enough.

frugalsuz said...

Cheap cheese? I'm there! lol The PretzelFils are so good! DBF and I both love them and around here, they go to this price pretty often so it works out. I just need more freezer room. I can't wait until I can get an extra freezer - someday, down the road when I have the room.

Why are you dreading it? Do you have a nasty Walgreens?