Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It Just Keeps Getting Better

I went up to my house last night (wow, that sounds good! "my" house!) to give my sister a tour and to bring up some more stuff.  After we grabbed some grub, I hit up the local CVS and Rite Aid for some freebies.  Imagine my surprise when I found beer rebates in the RA!  I'd looked around in other stores in the area and hadn't found any rebates, so I just figured they weren't in that part of the state.  I was wrong!  I found a Coors rebate for $5/$25 of gift cards.  I'm so excited to be able to grab these forms in the store instead of buying them off ebay.  Here's what I got:

Rite Aid
  • Keri Lotion (15 oz) $6.79 ($8.49 reg price, 20% Wellness discount), used $2 coupon (10/16 SS) and got back $6 UP (Limit 1) = $1.21 profit
  • 3 Hallmark Greeting Cards $0.99 each, got back $3 EB (Limit 1) = FREE/$0.03 profit
  • 2 Smuckers Strawberry Preserves $2.50 each, used $1 off 2 coupon (11/6 RP) and got back $3 EB (Limit 1, WYB 2) = $1 or $0.50 each
Didn't have any EB's to use as payment, so forked over the cash.  My sister bought some stuff too, so I'm not sure what the total for just these too was.  Still have to figure out how NY charges sales tax.

I went to a different CVS earlier in the day that was out of the Smuckers, so I picked up a raincheck.  CVS rainchecks never expire, so I can hold onto it for as long as I want or until I run out of jelly.


mb said...

Hey neighbor. Welcome to New York! (I'm in Ulster County). Did you reach gold level on your Rite Aid cards for next year yet? I'm only at 750 and I'm scrambling to get to 1000 before the year ends!

I'm jealous you found beer rebates at Rite Aid. I check all the time and never find them there. My dad has good luck finding them at Price Chopper if there's one of those near you...

frugalsuz said...

I'm not even sure how many points I have yet! I don't think I'm at 1000 yet, but I'm getting close. I guess I should pick up some free toothpaste this week afterall! Thanks for the tip on Price Chopper, I'll have to check them out.