Monday, November 28, 2011

The end is near

The cable guy is coming to the house tomorrow.  Do you know what that means dear friends?  INTERNET!  And cable tv!  Its been so long since I've had a working computer at home that I've almost forgotten what it feels like.  I'm very excited to show you all pictures of the house and to get back to blogging like I used to.  Its just not the same to talk about what I bought, I wanna show you too!

What a weekend this has been.  The electrician came to the house on Wednesday to upgrade our electric service.  While he was there, he found oodles of other issues which turned into a second day of work.  I have always disliked having strangers in my space, and having them cutting holes through sheet rock, pulling wires through various rooms, moving appliances and such was making me downright antsy.  But thankfully that's all done now and the lights don't flicker when I run the washer. 

We've had a multitude of water issues over the past couple days.  It started when the electrician was over on Wednesday and I moved some boxes into the stockpile room to get them out of his way.  To my surprise, the floor was wet.  It was a rainy, overcast day and with no power, it was hard to see where the water was coming from.  I moved a lot of things out of the room and found that pretty much the whole floor was wet.  Some stuff was ruined - flour and sugar I had in bags on the floor, a couple of packages of toilet paper and random bags of stuff that had yet to be put away.  We think the water was coming in because of a backup in a nearby drainage pipe outside.  Da boyfriend cleaned that all out and rigged up a new pipe, so hopefully that's ok now.  We'll keep a close eye on that room the next time we get a storm.  Thankfully most of the items in the stockpile room were already on shelves or still in plastic tote boxes so they were fine.

Once the electrician was done with day #2, I set about getting the house back in order and threw in a load of laundry.  I heard a weird dripping noise while we were upstairs and when we went downstairs to check, we found a ton of water on the floor.  The washer drains to a sump pump and there was some issue with the new outlet it had been plugged into.  So all the soapy water was overflowing out of the pump and onto the floor (at least it smelled nice!).  We cleaned the water up with a shop vac and the next day, the electrician came back out and fixed the outlet.  Then the new dishwasher started leaking all over the kitchen floor.  Again, DBF to the rescue.  One of the connecting pipes was loose, so that should be ok now.  

All of this combined with trying to get things unpacked, cleaned and organized was a wee bit overwhelming.  I'll be very happy when everything is where it should be and put away. 

I snuck in quite a bit of Black Friday shopping at the drugstores on Thursday before heading over to my aunt's for a delicious Thanksgiving feast.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!


Sheila said...

Glad to hear you're in good spirits despite some minor "fix it" issues. Sounds like da boyfriend is a keeper ;)

frugalsuz said...

Oh he definitely is! There are very few things that man can't fix. :)