Monday, November 14, 2011

Feeling Good

Every muscle in my body is aching, but I feel great.  We got a ton of work done on the house this weekend.  The stockpile is almost completely moved up to the house and we got the last of the boxes out of my apartment.  Now its just odds and ends and the small amount of furniture I'm keeping.  Most of my furniture is from Ikea and after six years, its pretty shot.  We're moving a dresser, two ladder bookshelves, a dining room table that we're going to use as a makeshift desk, two night stands, my desk chair, another shorter bookshelf and an armchair.  The couch, bed, mattress, desk and entertainment center are all going in the dumpster.  And I can't forget to move Gigi!  I imagine she'll be a little stressed out so I'm going to bring her up only when I'm ready to stay at the house full-time.

My hunny was busy all weekend with a huge list of projects - sawing off a ton of branches that were too close to the house, hauling them down to the street (I helped with that - branches are heavy!), changing thermostats and fixing a million little things.  I got the kitchen 99% cleaned (one cabinet to go) and organized.  Its nice to have clean silverware and dishes to eat off of.  Something's up with our dishwasher though.  It runs for about a half hour (the cycle should be more like an hour and a half) and then says its done.  The dishes are wet, but not clean.  We have to figure out what's going on.  Our mattress came on Saturday and I've never felt anything so comfortable.  I slept like a log all night.

We brought Shadow up for the weekend and she got to met her friendly canine neighbor.  I swear, she must have run up and down the stairs a thousand times.  She'd run in the kitchen to check on me, then rush off to find da boyfriend, then back to me.  The kitchen has a window that opens from the floor up (kinda odd) but she loves it.  She can lay down on the floor, nose to the screen, sniffing whatever's outside.  I'm sure I'm going to have to pry Gigi away from that window too.

And I heard a new Zac Brown Band song on the radio over the weekend.  Life is good.  :)


Sheila said...

I'm so happy for you...I built my home 19 years ago & I still LOVE IT. I LOVE HOME. Best to you & your boyfriend & "kids" ;)

Sheila said...

BTW, thanks for the HU on the song...I like it! It's on my Ipod now :)

frugalsuz said...

Thanks Sheila! Zac Brown Band is so good, I've yet to come across one of their songs I didn't like.