Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feeling Flat?

I have a problem.  A lack of fizzies problem.  What's up with all the flat soda?  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Coke or Pepsi, cans or bottles, bought at supermarkets or convenience stores, it all seems to be flat lately!  I really just don't understand how this could be.  I'm really hoping the soda I got today will break the cycle. 

  • 5 cases Diet Pepsi $13 (fifth case free with in-circular coupon)
  • Poland Spring Bottled Water (24 pack) $5.49, will submit for $5 Redhook NBPR rebate (WYB 20+ pack for $5.01+) = $0.49
  • Spearmint Leaves $0.99
  • Used three $6 RR's, total was $2.47


Kathy said...

Just a thought. Have you started taking any new medicines. When I first went on the medicine Topamax a few years ago, the SAME exact thing happened to me. Then I read the side effects and beleive it or not that was one of them.

I feel your pain :)

frugalsuz said...

Nope, no new meds for me. Its not just me either, my boyfriend says the soda's flat too. Some of my coworkers have mentioned it as well!

Dreaming of Deals... said...

I have noticed it too - I'm in Wisconsin. They call it soda here, too - I grew up in Michigan where it's pop!

Anyway, it's been running $4-5 a 12 pack lately. No sales. Even the smaller 12 oz bottles, 8 count, are running over $4. Check your dates - you'll see your getting it with just a month or two left before the expiration date. It's more expensive, no good sales, so it's older stock. Sits in the stores. In fact, half the time I pick thru it til I find some that isn't expired.

Diet has a shelf life of 6 months before the aspartame in it starts to taste wonky. You might be noticing that if you drink diet.

I gave it up in January and slowly have been sneaking one back now and again. Maybe this is a sign it's time for me to give it up for good!

Sexy Coupons said...

Just wondering if u could recommend a site for coupon inserts? Unable to get them due to the storm. Thanks.

frugalsuz said...

Dreaming of Deals,
I've been trying to buy the newest soda in the stores. The Pepsi I got the other day isn't flat so maybe the streak has finally broken!

I haven't had much luck with ordering sites lately so I've been buying them on ebay.