Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Conair Update

Being without a computer is so bizarre! I keep catching myself thinking - oh let me go check that and then WHAM! realize I can't. Have you ever tried to turn the lights on when the power is out? That's the sensation. Oh well, there are certainly worse things in life.

I went to CVS last night and found a clearanced Conair 3/4 inch straightener for $8.62. It was in an orange box (sorry I can't take a pic to show you) but didn't produce any EB's. CVS probably fixed the glitch that was allowing clearance items to count for this deal. I'm very happy with the $8 price though.

I also got a coupon from the coupon machine for $1.50 off any deodorant. Combining that with the $1 coupon from Sunday's SS makes the Mitchum deodorant $0.49 this week ($1.99 sale price). Not bad!

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