Monday, August 8, 2011


A friend at work just got back from a trip to Italy and brought me goodies! I loves me some pesto and I'm assured you can't possibly have pesto without this particular pasta. Can't wait to whip some up. Isn't it interesting that the box is a different color? Every box of Barilla I've ever seen here is blue. And an after dinner treat, chocolate!

I definitely could use the chocolate with the month I've been having. Remember my hit and run accident from the other day? Well it turns out that since the lane I was in was merging into Mr. Hit and Run's lane, I'm the one at fault. Just swell. Thank goodness the damage was minimal because if I were to get it fixed, it would now have to go through my insurance. And I thank my lucky stars I wasn't hurt. That's all that really matters. My car would have been banged up sooner or later. I've yet to own a car that didn't have a scratch here, a ding there, chip in the windshield here (and there). :)

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