Monday, August 22, 2011

Dry that Hair!

Picture courtesy of munchkin77 on Slick Deals.

  • Conair Infiniti Hair Dryer - clearanced to $8.62 (down from $34.49) and got back $5 EB (monthly deal, Limit 2) = $3.62
  • Used $1 EB and $3 EB, total was $5.15
The store I went to had a second one so I bought that as well. I bought them in separate transactions because I'd read that all the EB's weren't printing if you bought two at once. But now it seems the deal may be dead. Some folks are reporting that tags in the store show the Conair deal as valid only through 8/20 (some have seen thru 8/27). If your EB's don't print and you're at a super friendly store that has valid tags up, it may be worth asking if they'll manually print your EB's. But as always, YMMV since its a clearance price.

Hmm, just looking ahead to next week's circular and this Conair deal is listed! So who knows what's going on!

Folks found some other clearanced Conair items including straighteners, and even without the EB's, these are still great prices.

DBF and I watched The Lincoln Lawyer yesterday, have you seen this? We loved it!


Elizabeth said...

I bought 2 of these clearanced hair dryers yesterday. No ECB printed but there were about 10 signs up saying ANY conair appliance purchase would print $5 ECB through 8/27 (limit 2). I waited 20 minutes for 2 clerks and then the manager to come and slowly thumb through circulars until he found a note in LAST WEEK's circular that conair clearance items were excluded, so he said I didn't qualify. Fair enough if his signs from THIS week reflected that (also btw, last week's limit was one, this week limit is two). He finally said "I'll do it this once" and printed one $5 ECB so I politely reminded him I bought 2 and he sighed and printed the other. For the first time I called customer service: I mean, how about honoring your posted signs without jerking me around for 20 minutes?

frugalsuz said...

Its great that they printed the EB's for you. EB deals rarely include clearance items, its one of those unwritten rules at CVS. Good for you for being persistent!