Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thoughts on Extreme Couponing

I just finished watching Extreme Couponing on TLC and I have something very important to ask of all of you lovely people.

Do you say coo-pon or q-pon?

'Cuz saying q-pon is just wrong people! Its cooooooo-pon! SAY IT RIGHT!
I plucked another Colgate coo-pon from my coo-pon stash and took it with me along with my other coo-pons for other coo-pon friendly stores to score deals using my coo-pons. Ok, got that out of my system. Moving on...

  • Colgate Maxfresh, Maxwhite or Maxclean Toothpaste (6 oz) $2.99, used $0.75 coupon (4/3 SS) and got back $3 RR = $0.75 profit
  • Total was $2.45
Then I used that RR and ones I'd earned yesterday from buying Colgate towards -
  • 4 Pepsi cases $13, got back $3 RR = $10
  • Used four $3 RR's, total was $1.91


Sarah said...

I say coo-pon. It drives me nuts when people say Q-pon.

jeri said...

OMG-I've always said Q-pon!

Jessica said...

You are right Suz! and thank you for setting the coopon world straight......coopons people!

Sheila said...

OMG, I agree totally, coo not Q! The mustard lady was wacky, 62 bottles, 70 inserts and she thought 39c for mustard was a good price? I have always paid nothing for mustard! BTW, I have no boxes of cereal in my master

Kathy said...

Have to admit I say q-pon. Coopon just sounds wrong to me. However you are right as I just looked it up in the dictionary. I probably won't change my pronunciation, sorry.

Mynde said...

Coo-pon, unless I'm being silly then I totally say Q-pon.

Might I say I loved how the last lady (with all the kids- can't remember her name- husband was a contractor) was simply trying to save money. She was planning logical meals, buying logical stuff, for real life scenarios. As opposed to mustard lady who was just wanting to save as much money regardless of what she was buying (at least that's how it seems?)

Jenn Mc said...

I'm ashamed to admit I use them interchangeably. *Hangs head in shame*

LiveFreeandCoupon said...

So if the "ou" is pronounced "oooo" then what do I do about:
Love your site!

Stephanie said...

I guess I say it q-pon : )

frugalsuz said...

Dear friends,
If you are brave enough to admit that you say q-pon, I supposed I can be brave enough to continue on being friends. (deep sigh) Its gonna be hard though.

Yes, I thought her buying all those mustards (and especially cleaning the shelf) was just stupid. And no, no cereal in my closets! haha Although if there was a really good sale and I could majorly stock up, I might think about it. :)

YES! I loved her too. I was surprised that she highlighted she could get overage on those Viactivs ($2, $3 coupon). Most stores don't allow that, so I don't think I would have bought those on national television.

Hmm, so if you'd say South like Sowth, I guess you'd have to say cowpon! Not sure I like that...

Pubbler said...

Definitely coo-pon! I'm always correcting DH's pronounciations, because he speask 'American' English & I speak 'British'
Check out this (coupon fraud) post regarding the crazy mustard lady:

frugalsuz said...

Veeeerrrrrry interesting article pubbler, thanks for sharing!

BusyCouponMama said...

I'm a q-pon girl, oh well, I'm O.K. with that, but I can't live with folks who say pee-can instead of puh-can. It's a puh-can in that pie.

Leanna said...

All I have to say is...good thing you bought that Colgate toothpaste...because we all could use some more Colgate toothpaste. ;)

frugalsuz said...

OH NO, I always pee-can BusyCouponMama, do we just cancel each other out? haha

The Colgate Max line is actually my favorite! I haven't gotten it for free in quite a while, so I was pretty happy to see the sale. It tastes so good!