Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Circle of Nothingness

Note to self - do not put tape over a receipt. The sticky stuff sucks up all the ink and you'll be left with a circle of nothingness. I had planned on using this receipt towards the JF Flyaway Tamer rebate, but since the item is now invisible, I had to come up with an alternate plan. I'd picked up a third Wellness card a while back for some fantabulous deal at Rite Aid. I do all my rebates in triplicate (my address, da boyfriend's address and my parents' address) but for whatever reason, I only do Rite Aid rebates at my and DBF's address. Its time to branch out! I watched the neverending barrage of hair care videos to get the $2/$10 Full Repair coupon and off I went to the store. I'm going to submit for the Complete rebate at my parents' address.
Rite Aid - no discount on this card b/c I use it very sparingly
  • John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo and Full Repair Conditioner and Root Awakening Shampoo ($5 each) and Full Repair Flyaway Tamer ($9.99), used $2 Full Repair RA coupon (April Video Values), four $2 coupons (3/6 SS or here), got back $10 UP (WYB $20, monthly deal) and will submit for TMF rebate on the tamer = $5 profit
  • Complete Multi-Purpose Solution (12 oz) $7.99, used $1 coupon (4/3 SS) and will get back $7.99 (SCR #24) = $1 profit
  • Used $3/$15 survey coupon and $1 off total purchase coupon (April Video Values) and $15 in UP's, total was $2.52, overall profit $8.46
  • Carefree Pantiliners $0.99, used $0.50 coupon (3/27 RP) and got back $0.99 RR = $0.50 profit
  • 2 Always DriLiners Plus (30 ct) $3 and DriLiners Plus (34 ct) $4.29, used two $1 coupons (4/3 P&G) and get back $4 RR = $1.29
  • 7 Snickers Chocolate Eggs (1 oz) $0.29 each, used two $1 off 2 coupons (3/20 or 4/10 RP) = $0.03
  • Total was $5.95
I was expecting both Always packages to be $3 and therefore both would be free, but I should have paid more attention to the signs in the store. I could return them, but I just didn't feel like bothering. The profit of buying two Carefree's cancels out the cost, so I'm ok with that.


Mary S said...

What is the complete rebate?

frugalsuz said...

Its the SCR for the Complete contact solution through Rite Aid.

Pubbler said...

Is there a TMF peelie/tag on the J Frieda? I've seen these in my stores, but no peelies. I wouldn't mind buying this item if there's a printable rebate.

frugalsuz said...

Yup, found them at Walmart. Here's a pic:

Deb said...

I have done that when faxing receipts in for my FSA...really aggravating!