Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Feline Olympics

Welcome to another round of The Feline Olympics. Gigi has been putting in some quality practice time and can't wait to show off her moves. Let's begin, shall we? Ahh, let's begin with a classic stalking pose. Notice the feline has cleverly camouflaged herself behind a fluorescent pink feathery toy. Subtle.
Before any strenuous play session begins, its important to stretch. Especially your toes.
We start off our session today with a light swat of a round, crinkly mouse head toy. Notice the fine form as Gigi extends her arm. Lovely.
For round two, we have progressed to a feather toy, complete with mouse ears. Gigi carefully inspects the toy to check for quality components.
Satisfied that her toy is up to snuff, she begins the "roll and lick phase." Beautifully executed.
Oh very interesting. We have a new contender here ladies and gentlemen. A rare ribbon and bells toy. Those aren't often seen in this arena.
Wonderful lift Gigi. That should be sure to fetch a high score from the judges.
In an unexpected and bold move, Gigi has gone back to the feather toy! Simply spectacular folks, you just never know what this little girl will do next.
Oh dear, we must have upset her concentration. Do quiet down ladies and gentlemen, focus is crucial for these last rounds.
She's back in the game now! That feather doesn't stand a chance.
And for the finale, a dramatic mouse toy dribble! Who could have seen that coming?!? Let's give her a hand folks! Well done Gigi, well done.


spaghetti0625 said...

OMG too cute!!!

K said...

I love this. I thought she showed great restraint by not eating any of the toys. My younger cat is a major toy eater - I can't leave her alone with toy mice or anything with feathers.

frugalsuz said...

Really? Gigi will lick her toys, but she's never eaten anything. Guess I'm lucky in that respect.

K said...

Yes. And yesterday I left her alone in the kitchen without realizing I had left a croissant in a plastic bag on the counter. By the time I got back, she had opened it and eaten a fourth of the croissant, which I figured is like me eating 6 of them. She is only about a year old so I'm hoping she'll grow out of it. I found her as a stray and she has been trying to make up for her lack of food as a kitten ever since!

BTW, I am the same as the other K. I hadn't been paying attention and have been alternating between signing in via Wordpress and Google.

frugalsuz said...

Oh jeez, that must be so hard to stay on top of things! My sister's and mom's cats are pretty similar. The two of them will open bags of food and take stuff off the counter too. Little buggers! :)