Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chocolate Makes Everything Worth It

As I drove home from work tonight, plodding along in the traffic that always appears when it rains (why is that anyway?), I debated with myself whether or not I felt like hitting up ShopRite. It was a dreary day, I was tired and had a headache and would've loved nothing more than to put on sweats and veg in front of the tv. "Just go home, you deserve it" said the bad influence. But the more disciplined side of me chastised - if you go home, you'll just have to go tomorrow or worse, Saturday afternoon when the store is mobbed. (epic sigh) FINE! I'll go, but I'm not gonna like it!

I trudged through the rain to the store and walked to the medicine aisle for the Excedrin. This store has been out of the cheap Sundown all week, but out of habit, I checked again. They had restocked! I cracked a huge smile and did a happy dance as I liberated them from the shelf. Instantly, the trip was worth it! Do you all get a little adrenaline rush too when you find something you've been hunting for? Love that feeling!

First transaction -
  • 2 Sundown Vitamins (Folic Acid 800 mg) $2.19 each, used $3 off 2 coupon and got back $3 catalina (WYB 2) = $1.62 profit
  • 2 SR shredded cheeses $1.49 each
  • Used $3 cat, total was $1.36
Then I bought
  • 4 Hershey's/Reese's Drops Bags $2.50 each, used two $2 off 2 coupons (1/30 SS), 8 Hershey's/Reese's King Size candy bars $1 each, used four BOGO coupons (1/30 SS) and Reese's single candy bar $0.66, got back four $5 catalinas (WYB $20 of Kraft/Coke/Planters/Nabisco/Reese's Items) = $9.34 profit
  • 4 Excedrin PM's $1.74 each, used four $2.50 tearpad coupons (no beeps!) = $3.04 profit
  • 2 Sundown Vitamins (Folic Acid 800 mg) $2.19 each, used $3 off 2 coupon and got back $3 catalina (WYB 2) = $1.62 profit
  • 3 SR shredded cheeses $1.49 each
  • Laughing Cow cheese $2.49
  • Used six $3 catalinas, total was $2.26
I haven't been posting about it because its kinda boring to read about deals you can't replicate, but I've used up all my catalinas for the week. I bought some bagels, ham, fruit, cheese, more Sundown and other random goodies.


spaghetti0625 said...

I've noticed that too in our lovely state about's like the SECOND a drop falls everyone forgets how to drive! Hence in turn making traffic!
I'm the same way as you sometimes, not wanting to go to the store, but once I'm there, I normallly feel a ton better...ESP when a deal I can't do suddenly becomes restocked...I do the happy dance too :)
I may need to go back and do the candy deal you did on my BFF's card.....Easter IS coming...although it makes it so hard with all the candy deals as of late...I have so much candy for DH and the kiddos but I'm like 'One bar won't hurt me, will it?' SO TEMPTING!

Sheila said...

Lucky you, re: 2 Sundown Vitamins (Folic Acid 800 mg) $2.19 each...I wanted those, but the lowest price I found was $3.69 & not another Shop Rite around for miles...nice score!

frugalsuz said...

You're right, its so tempting. And when its a moneymaker, its even worse!

They were hard to find. Most of the stores I went to all week were out of the folic acid all together.