Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back to ShopRite

Tomorrow I'll start my drugstore shopping, but I just didn't have the urge today. Its been so nice to just spend my SR money as I please. I haven't really been worrying about sale prices or coupons, just wandering around the store and picking up items I need/want.

  • Static Guard $3.99
  • Rachael Ray Just 6 Dog Treats (Shadow loves these) $3.49
  • Golden Delicious Apples $2.35 ($0.79/lb) - might go back for more of these, what a great price
  • Can't Believe Its Not Butter $3.19
  • Axelrod Cottage Cheese $1.64
  • 2 SR Cream Cheeses $1.25 each
  • Milk $2.19
  • Corn Muffin Tops $2.29
  • 2 Bottles of Rain X washer fluid $2.99
  • M&M's $0.69
  • Used $27 in catalinas from Dollar Days promos and $3 catalina from vitamins last week, total was $0.08
The pre-M&M total was $2.34 so I picked up the candy to use another catalina and therefore use less cash. I've been out of Static Guard for ages and I've kept my eyes peeled for a deal on this somewhere. I haven't seen any, so I decided to pay full price and get it here. At least I used rewards!

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