Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mostly Deja Vu

Ooh, sorry for the glare. That's some shiny Excedrin! You've seen most of this before, but off we go...

  • 2 Vicks Nyquil Sinex $5 each, used two $4 coupons (10/10 P&G) and got back $5 RR (WYB 2) = $3 profit
  • 3 bags WAG cheese $1.50 each with in-circular coupon (threw these in the fridge when I got home and forgot to take out for the pic)
  • Used $6 RR, total was $0.50

Then with the same cashier, I bought two more Vicks...no RR. I have no idea why it didn't print. The machine was on and obviously worked since I'd just gotten a RR for the same items. The manager came over and gave me a song and dance about how I'd used coupons to pay, blah blah blah, my total was only $2, blah blah blah, I can't get a RR for more than my total, blah blah blah. I asked him if he could re-ring my items on another register and he tried, but couldn't get the return to work right. He ended up re-ringing them on the first register and the RR printed. I was hoping he would have redone the transaction so I could have showed him that using coupons doesn't affect the RR's printing, but he just rang them through without using my coupons. Oh well, I got my RR so I'm happy. He probably wouldn't have believed me anyway.

Used up the last of my Vicks and Zarbee's coupons on this transaction:

  • Zarbee's Children's Cough Syrup (4 oz) $5.99, used $3 coupon (printable, no longer available) and got back $6 RR = $3.01 profit
  • 2 Vicks Sinex $5 each, used two $4 coupons (10/10 P&G) and got back $5 RR (WYB 2) = $3 profit
  • Mac & Cheese $1.67
  • Used $6 RR, total was $0.66

CVS - returned the AZO I bought on 10/31 and got back $6.99 on a money card. Then I bought:

  • Cold Buster Honey Lemon Cough Syrup (4 oz) $8.99, got back $8.99 EB (Limit 1) = FREE
  • Used $1 EB and $5 EB, total was $2.99

*This is a hidden deal/not in the circular but is marked in a lot of stores.


  • 2 Excedrins (24 ct) $2.49 each, used two $1 coupons (10/17 SS) and got back $3 cat (WYB 2) = FREE/$0.01 profit

On one transaction, I bought a Peppermint Patty for $0.69 as a filler. On the other two trips, I used SR bags for $0.88 each. I used a $3 cat each time to pay, so my OOP was $0.67 for the candy and $0.88 for the bags. I found a bunch of peelies in one store, so I can pick up even more of these. Excedrin's my favorite so I don't mind stocking up quite a bit.

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