Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Working on a Free Ham

We're doing Thanksgiving at the house this year so I'm trying to spend enough to earn a free ham.  Since its my first time cooking a big meal in the house (for more than just DBF and myself) I'm playing it a little safe and going with a ham.  My family doesn't care if we have turkey or ham, the important thing is that we're all having fun together.  I'll work my way up to a turkey, maybe next year.

I can't remember how holiday points are earned at ShopRite, anyone know?  Before or after ShopRite coupons, before manu coupons?  Who can remember.  I have $25.72 so far towards the promo.  Here's what I got today:

  • 9 Lipton Tea + Honey Mixes $1.99 each (shelf $2.49 each) used four $0.60 coupons (9/9 RP) and four $0.75 coupons, got back $7 catalina and will get back $5 Savingstar credit (does this work based on shelf prices?  Not sure) = $4.89 profit if the Savingstar clears, if not $0.11 for all 9
  • 4 Ricola Sugar Free Cough Drops $1.33 each, used four $0.75 coupons (10/14 RP) = FREE
  • Fleischman's No Knead Bread Mix $2.79 (reg price), used $0.75 coupon (10/14 RP) and $0.75 ecoupon = $0.54
  • 8 Italian Village Raviolis $0.88 each
  • SR Eggs $1.88
  • Used $5 catalina, total was $11.57
This was my first time using an ecoupon at ShopRite and I was very happy that I didn't have any issues.  I looked all around the store for ShopRite flatbread ($0.99, $1 ecoupon) but couldn't find them.  I checked the bakery section, the bread aisle, anyone know where these are located?


gailbon said...

Hi Frugalsuz!
The S.R. flatbreads were in the cracker aisle at my store. Hope you find them!

Katie said...

I just happened to find them right in front of appy, near the cheeses & pretzel crisps.

frugalsuz said...

Thanks, fingers crossed that I find them!

Sheila said...

The flatbreads were in the bread aisle of my store. Where did you find the Fleischmanns?

frugalsuz said...

It was in the baking aisle. They had an italian herb variety too that sounded interesting. I think I'll try it over the weekend and see if its good, then I can pick some up next week if I want to.

Sheila said...

It was definitely not in my baking aisle. I had the hardest time finding my freebies today in the new store. Ahh...there's always tomorrow! Thanks.